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Smooth Finished, Stainless Steel, stretcher can be adjusted for a desired ANAL or vaginal opening!  Rectal specula is a surgical device which is inserted into a patient’s anus so that it can be kept open for the surgeon to view it clearly while performing surgery or any kind of medical procedure.


Did you know that the rectum is the end of the large intestine and measures approximately 8inches?  Opening up those last 8 inches is easy with a rectal speculum and you will gain direct view into the anal canal.  Most anal specula are made of metal and they can be cleaned easily and are more hygienic than other materiasl.  The blades open the canal widely to allow you or your lover to carry out an examination.


NOTE: Never close a speculum whilst it is inside.


Prior to examination take your clothes off and lie in a position that you can easily and comfortably access the anus.  Lubricate the speculum and then relax your sphincter by doing a movement similar to a bowel movement pushing and relaxing the anal muscles.  then relac and gently slide the speculum in.  Open it up as wide as is comfortable - grab a flashlight and have a sneaky look inside!!



Prong length: 90mm

Prong width: 25mm

Max opening: 35mm

Overall length: 200mm


 *  Please note this product is not a certified surgical steel grade product *



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