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If you're looking for some action, then the Roulette Edition? The Evolved Silicone Roulette High Roller is in your odds to deliver complete satisfaction. With its sleek European design and body safe silicone composition. The Roulette is 100% waterproof, odourless, phthalate and latex free. Seamless design conforms to bodies contours. You'll be able to parlay your action with the Roulette's flexible shaft and tip, and true multi-speed wheel controller.  Powerful motor provides maximum intensity with minimal noise. Requires 2 AA batteries. There's no gamble here? the Roulette is a sensory evoking sure thing!

 Dimensions 19.7 cm (7.75”) 


Evolved Sex Toys are a popular adult lifestyle brand within our online store that is able to ship worldwide. Our sex toys and lifestyle products ship to regions like France, England, America, Germany, Europe, France, Australia and many more.  Evolved Novelties is a reliable adult company that provides functional and dependable sex toys.


Since 2006, Evolved Novelties was has been an acclaimed award winning adult product creator. Evolved Novelties is famous for remarkable sex toy creations made ergonomically with notable packaging and media. Each sex toy they produce is expertly made with high attention to detail, body fitting and designed to fulfil sexual needs for women, men and couples. Evolved uses body safe materials. Each product has a 5 year guarantee.

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Silicone Roulette High Roller Date Added: Tuesday 12 April, 2016

by Anonymous

Sometimes I feel that the simplest toys are the best toys. Evolved was a brand that I was not to keen on having, reason being is I didn't like the look of it. I thought that oh it's not really got a name that appeals to me and the products look way to simple for my liking (because I like toys that have weird features, and that are different to just a normal penis or a penis that vibrated. Side note if there were a penis vibrating transplant I would so get it). Today however I have changed my mind about the Evolved Roulette Edition which is a very simple and easy to use vibrator with no buttons, however it has a wheel to enable the multi-speed vibrations.
This is a very simple vibrator and as you can see in the image it is ribbed for added stimulation. The ribbing acts as like veins on a penis do they provide extra sensation. Now it is called the European silicone because it is a bit thicker then most vibrators. You will find that most European designed toys are a bit thicker in girth, this is the way they design their toys. Now this toy isn't rechargable and it operated by 2 double A batteries, however although I'm not really a fan of battery operated toy, this one does get a thumbs up from me.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Silicone Roulette High Roller Date Added: Monday 14 December, 2015

by Sade, Greenacre

The Roulette Edition is hot pink with a black handle - simple yet sexy. It has complex ridges all over the toy for extra stimulation and a powerful motor that makes vibrations felt equally as strong from the tip of the toy all the way down the shaft - this is unlike some other toys where the vibrations are strong only where the motor is. The Roulette Edition is simple to control, using the wheel situated on the handle to turn it on and off as well as turning it to further increase and decrease the strength of vibration.

Made of 100% silicone, this toy is phthalate free and completely odourless.

- Easy to use, one turning wheel
- Waterproof
- Extremely textured
- It's not made from a grabby material, it's nice and smooth to touch
- Shaft and tip are flexible making for a more tailored experience - bend and press on your most erogenous zones.
- Extremely quiet, even when on full setting
- Quite powerful vibrations
- Odourless

Cons -
- Doesn't come with vibration patterns or frequencies
- Battery powered: not ideal for everyone, but not always a decider for everyone either
- Whilst its a simple design, the wheel itself is quite stiff and needs to be moved with a finger on either side to get it too turn... not a major issue, but still a bit of a pain in the heat of the moment

Whilst this toy does have some cons, it is still a great vibrator with a lot of power behind it. I love the textures on the toy and feel as though this would be a great buy for anyone who is looking for just that little bit more then a straight vibe, but doesn't want to go "all out" at the same time.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Silicone Roulette High Roller Date Added: Sunday 07 December, 2014

by Janine, Geraldton

Evolved, is a renowned vibrator manufacturer and has really outdone itself with their product. The blending of tremendous power and super silence mode on this product bring about great pleasure and satisfaction when utilized. Here are the main reasons why I love my Evolved Roulette Vibrator.
Its size, design and shape for a vibrator is just the right tool for a sexual adventure because it is not intimidating in any way. It has a total length of 7’’ to 8’’ from top to bottom. The maximum penetration length is approximately 5’’ to 6’’ and with a width of 5.5’’. What I liked most was its ability to use it without feeling like I am stretching to the maximum and the Texture and Material were amazing the part meant for penetration is built from silicone hence non-porous, hypo-allergenic and free from phthalates. The base is made from plastic that has a little plastic smell upon bringing close to the nose.
I also liked its firmness despite being really equally soft. Its smooth texture and complicated wraps as well as twists make it pleasurable to touch. The vibrator is rubbery upon touch, though no sign of stickiness. The controls, performance and functions are great but first had to insert 2 AA batteries after unscrewing the battery cap as directed in the diagrams on the cap. The control dials designed in the control pad are at the plastic base of the vibrator. An added bonus is the product is waterproof as I tried it in the shower and it adopted the watery situation for it felt all dry as it continues to vibrate. The battery compartment should be closed tightly. The cap provides a watertight seal hence no penetration of water to the batteries.
The vibration mode is a one directional pattern which is a series of graduated fairly strong constant vibrations. The toy is quiet to the extent that it produces a vibrant sound in its highest level similar to that of a vibrating phone placed on a table. The vibrator produces speedy vibrations that bring great pleasure.
Maintenance and care is easy as the vibrator requires a simple regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. The silicone portion can be dipped in warm water for more than 5 minutes then wash with an antibacterial soap. Another option is use of toy cleaner to spray down a bleach solution and water lube liquids. The vibrator is then shaken off and dried up with a towel and left to dry in the air. I usually store it by being wrapped in a soft cloth as silicone easily attracts hair and dust particles. Evolved Roulette Vibrator has specially designed transparent and clear containers for storage. The batteries are removed when storing in order to avoid any corrosion that can cause damage and prevent the functionality of the tool.
When it arrived the vibrator came in an exclusively appealing designed hard plastic box with a lid. The plastic case impulsively unlocks from bottom and top hence worth keeping. The packaging may suitable as a pleasant gift. The vibrator was sold at a reasonable price considering their high quality and reliability. For theabove reasons as to why I loved My Evolved Roulette Vibrator really proved that the vibrator is worth my time. I am confident in claiming the product as an excellent pleasure toy.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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