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The Conquest Clitoral Stimulation Device

Available  Black  Pink  or  Purple

The Conquest will take you by surprise with its overwhelming tenderness, making sure to let you reach ecstatic heights! The specifically designed, soft mouth, gives an astonishing feel against your skin. It has a superbly ergonomic grip, ensuring perfect pleasure for you or your partner!

The Conquest has a choice of two modes. The first one will deliver a smooth and sensual feel, working towards a great climax. The second mode will make things a little stronger with extra added power!

If the bathroom is your playground of choice, you will be pleased to know that the Conquest is splashproof! Even on the road it's a perfect companion due to its compact size.

Once you have inserted the two AA batteries (included), The Conquest will conquer you, time after time!!

A lot of women need direct clitoral stimulation to achieve that perfect orgasm and what better way to achieve it than with The Conquest. A wonderful new sex toy that is specifically design to get your clit throbbing with pleasure and making you climax.

The Suction Feature is something a little different. It is not a vibrator, you will not receive vibrations like you would usually from a clitoral toy. This is pure suction! You place the tip onto your clit and feel the suction gently but intensely sucking it inwards and receive the pleasures of the pleasure waves.

2 Levels of satisfaction, you can go nice and slow and sit back and relax to feel the wonders of the suction or you can step it up a level and go for the ‘I want it now’ level. Maybe you might want to mix it up and start low and slow then bring on the Big O.

The Silicone Tip is soft and comfortable and will fit perfectly around the clitoral area. The handle is ABS plastic and feels smooth and soft.

The Conquest fits comfortable in your hand and it doesn’t matter which way you want to hold it, it still feels good. The controls are easy to use by a simply flick on the heart shape slide button.

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Shots Toys The Conquest Date Added: Thursday 07 January, 2016

by Jules, Sawtell

The Conquest, for clitoral stimulation. On first glance of The Conquest, it looks like a small drill or a small travel hair dryer. Mmmmm interesting. However looks can be deceiving and that is completely true with this toy. Designed to stimulate the clitoris by placing the head of the unit directly on the clitoris so the hole can suck it in, just like a mouth would. Whilst the unit is sucking the clitoris into the mouth section there is a small moving part on the inside that moves back and forth providing further stimulation with two different settings of intensity, the first offering smooth and sensual wave of pleasure and the second more powerful and rougher sensations. The Conquest is not waterproof but don't worry your playground is not limited, it is small enough to throw in your travel bag and take anywhere with you and due to its inconspicuous shape there is no need to worry or be embarrassed if you need to catch a plane and take it through the xray machine, lol, those customs officers will not have a clue as to what it is used for. This toy is not only limited to stimulating the clitoris either, it could also be used for some pretty awesome nipple play for both partners too, so there is no need for anyone to miss out. Made of silicone, phthalate free it is easy to clean and has a hand friendly grip. Comes in Pink, Purple and Black and runs on 2 AA batteries.

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