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Mia 2 is a Lipstick Vibrator, a small vibrator that is deceiving in that it packs a powerful punch for its size but is handy for discreet travel at the sex toy

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By Anonymous

This is a tiny but powerful vibrator. I travel a lot so it was just perfect for me to take away when on business. Discrete packaging means even if customs checks my bag is looks just like a cosmetic.

5 Stars ( 5 of 5 Stars! )

By Bee, Tamworth

Generation Y is not only the travel generation but also the sex toy generation, with stigma's about adult stores and the use of adult toys slowly fading away and more people becoming sexually aware of their body and what they can use to pleasure themselves, it is not surprising that people are starting to take their toys on holidays with them. However there are places in this world that forbid both sexual material including sex toys, the countries below are included; > Thailand > Malaysia > Vietnam > India > Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates > The Maldives > Generally countries around the Persian Gulf So what do you do when you can't take a vibrator into a country that you are traveling to? Don't have sex for the duration of you're stay. In fact, stop having sex all together. Just quit it. Cold turkey. Just kidding. Fortunately enough their is a beautiful company in Sweden that create both innovative and beautifully designed toys, and go by the name Lelo. Yes, that is right. Lelo has provided the world with some of the most well designed vibrators, winning numerous awards for creativity and design in their product field (adult). The Lelo Mia 2 is the answer to you're traveling restriction problems. It is designed like no other vibrator, and can easily fly under the radar. Talk about living the 007 life. Are you ready for you're first assignment? Ok lets go. 17:00 Hours Dubai International Airport. United Arab Emirates. Assignment: Transport Mia 2 undetected through Dubai customs undetected. You're in Dubai for a quick fly in, fly out business meeting, and you have an Australian friend Sarah that lives in Dubai that you promised you will bring her a cheeky clitoris vibrator from home. You've done you're research and found that not only does the Mia 2 have 6 thrilling functions with a 1.5 hour continuous battery, but it also comes with a 1 year warranty and 10 year guarantee, meaning that it will defiantly do well on a long mission. You're walking through the customs screening area, the tension is high yet you're a trained professional knowing that you're package is completely undetectable. You look eyes with a Dubai customs officer, he says you are traveling alone, and only have a duffle bag with you. He gets suspicious. You get the international hand gesture for "come here". As you head over to him he begins to let you know that he will be searching you're bag, and it is just a random bag check. He asks if you have to declare anything or have any prohibited items, you're reply is "no". Whilst searching through the bag he comes across a satin pouch which is containing the Mia 2 in it. You had to ditch the box in Sydney because you knew it would be suspicious is you traveled with it. He begins to inspect the Mia 2 and does not know what to make of this strange item. You ask to hold it to show him something. He hands it over and you take the cap off the end of it, which reveals a USB port. The customs officer nods as you explain that it is you're company USB stick and gestures you to move along and enjoy you're stay. Little did he know that the USB is actually used to charge the Mia 2. You reach Sarah's apartment where she is waiting for you with excitement, after she greets you, you hand over her toy. Confused at how you got it through customs, Sarah gives you a massive grin with the Mia 2 in her one hand, and her other hand dragging you to the bedroom. Mission Accomplished Take care 0069.

5 Stars ( 5 of 5 Stars! )

By Anonymous

Handy & Discrete Vibe. Shop has competitive pricing and quick shipping.

5 Stars ( 5 of 5 Stars! )

Lelo Mia 2

The Mia 2 is one of the most discreet bullet vibrators in the world. Powerful, USB rechargeable and easily placed in a purse - you can't go wrong with this one. Simply twist the cap off, plug it into your USB and you're good to charge!


LELO’s Mia 1 was a big hit. The ease of use, the convenient USB charger for on the go women who don’t always have access to a discrete electrical outlet. The sleek design that most people would mistake for a large mascara applicator made Mia 1 a favorite for an in plain sight hiding place. Now the Mia 2 debuts with several marked improvements. Mia 2 is not completely waterproof for those special evenings in the bathtub, the shower or the hot tub. Mia 2 is now two times more powerful than the predecessor.


And instead of having four vibration modes, Mia 2 has six. So in addition to all the good stuff that Mia 1 was known for, now there are even more reasons to try out this latest advance in sex toy technology. One thing hasn’t changed, Mia 2 comes in three different


colors: deep rose, black and pink.


 Mia 1 the very versatile little hero to women on the go everywhere some may have thought that there was little that could be done to improve on its simplicity and ease of use. Well if you were one of those you were wrong. The Mia 2 is now waterproof for those times when you want a little stimulation in the bathtub, the shower or the hot tub. Mia 2 is now twice as powerful as the original Mia 1 and has six, not four, vibration modes. Mia 2 is still rechargeable by using the USB cord and with each charge will take you to veritable dimensions of sexual satisfaction. And just like the predecessor, the Mia 2 comes in three different colors: black, deep rose and pink. As with all LELO products, the Mia 2 comes wrapped in a beautiful box with a storage pouch.


Mia 1 was the first introduction in many markets to the concept of a sex toy that is charged with a USB port connected to a laptop or desktop computer. The small wonder resembled a large mascara applicator or lipstick case and took the concept of discretion very seriously. Although Mia 1 was very popular, LELO Company decided to make it better. Introducing the Mia 2. It has all the benefit of the Mia 1 with a few extra features that make it the next step in Mia’s evolution. The new features include a completely waterproof covering to make bath time even more fun that it usually is.


The Mia 2 also comes with vibrating power that is twice as powerful as the predecessor. As if the intense vibes of the Mia weren’t enough that is. She is also able to go for a full 90 minutes on one charge.


Materials: ABS Plastic / Phthalate-Free Silicone

Finish: Glossy ABS Plastic

Size: 111 x 22 x 22mm

Weight: 32g

Battery: Li-lon 70mAh 3.7V, Charging: 1 h at 5.0V 100mA, User Time: Up to 1.5 hours, Standby: Up to 90 days, Frequency: 120Hz, Max Noise Level: < 50dB


In 2003 three Swedish designers came together in Stockholm with an idea. How could they transform the outlook of many towards the sex toy industry to allow it to become acceptable, more mainstream and remove the sometimes negative stigma attached. This is when the concept of Lelo Pleasure Objects came to fruition changing the landscape of sex toys by creating and designing luxurious sex toys that were unlike anything ever created before. Uncompromised design ensure refinement and quality never seen before and with the first 1 year guarantee and 5 year warranty on all their products. The popularity was amazing with over 18 million Lelo products sold worldwide so far it became the brand that people wanted to shop for. Endorsements by celebrities, main stream advertising and a cupboard full of awards has made it the benchmark for all its competitors who have all tried to replicate the success.

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