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Aneros Evi, The Female Kegel Sex Toy like no other allowing for hands free stimulation and strengthening. This toy is designed to fit every woman.

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By Jake, Rooty Hill

Aneros Evi – NOT A PROSTATE MASAGER Aneros best known for their range of stationary prostate massagers but unlike the standard Aneros this is a keegel exercising toy. What differs this from regular beads is the promise of an orgasm when using this to train those pelvic floor muscles. The shape will aid in delivering this promise the insert-able portion of this toy is egg shaped with a downward point which has the broad flat part resting against the G-spot the outer arm is long enough to reach the clitoris. The arm is also super flexible which helps to aid the clitoral stimulation .The description of this toy from Aneros themselves boasts that it is designed anatomically correct to fit all women, I think they may be correct in saying so. The internals of this toy are a hard plastic coated in a velvet soft red silicone The Evi is not a toy that you can just put in and go about your day with like the Luna Beads. It is intended to be worn and to be used as a tool to help strengthen the PC muscles by wearing in in different positions and various body movements such as rocking back and forth or climbing stairs. The orgasm need to be achieved through the body’s movement. By tensing and grasping the Evi and pulling it in and relaxing is supposed to bring on the main orgasm but I feel that this is just not possible for someone who hasn’t previously done any pelvic floor exercises Evi would be a great addition to someone who already incorporates Luna bead style PC works to their daily routine. It can be used with out but I think the extra work needed negates it slightly. I am an avid kegeller and I would only consider this (and I am) because I’ve use the bead style before. I would recommend the customer to get a beaded style as well to complement and enhance the Evi, especially if the orgasm was what they were looking to achieve. Aneros provides a very insightful forum for all Aneros users which is why I really like recommending Aneros to customers as they can get further support and share experiences

5 Stars ( 5 of 5 Stars! )

By Madison, Matraville

Packaged just as elitely as the Aneros for mens , Evi is in line with their range of products available in that she offers a non vibrating hand free experience with the added plus of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Red in colour, light weight and compact ,enclosed in a pearly white box,Evi has a lot to deliver. Once Evi is inserted your pelvic floor muscles hug her in place and with every thrust or hip swivel, whilst working your kegels, evi is guaranteed to offer a pleasurable experience. The protruding bulb of Evi’s insertable part sits directly inline and against your g-spot and the extended handle facing your clitoris simultaneously massages both these areas with your every move ,so now you can control your own orgasm motioned by your bodies rhythm. And the benefits of Evi are just as amazing as her. By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles you will reap the benefits of the enjoyment of a greater ability to achieve stronger orgasms ,better bladder control and a healthier pregnancy and child birth. ‘made with FDA approved and phthalate free’, anatomically designed to fit all woman her seamless velvet touch is very appealing and makes for easy cleaning and comfort upon insertion. I think Evi takes kegel workouts to the next level

5 Stars ( 5 of 5 Stars! )

By Nick, Oh Zone Penrith

I did a review recently on the awesome Aneros Paradiso, much like the Paradiso and other toys for men that Aneros have produced this one does not vibrate but instead once inserted into the vagina it is designed purely for women and once beginning a kegel exercise it will stimulate multiple points most importantly the G spot and Clitoris It’s completely made of Silicone which has a unique velvet smoothness to it. One size fits all! Completely FDA Approved. Is completely hands free so there is no use playing around with it or worrying about it falling out, it will sit nice and snug on the inside and provide stimulation. It is definitely a beautiful product and the fact that you can work out and get off is something that everyone on planet earth should love, considering I associate workouts with pain haha, So not only will this make your vaginal walls stronger and tighter it will also provide a lot of stimulation. This is strictly a female toy and not intended for anal use at all Pros: Completely FDA Approved Hands Free Reputable Company Makes your vagina tighter Cons: I couldn’t really think of any as it is as advertised I like this product a lot and I think it would be a great collection to any toy box You can use this product a few different ways a popular way is to sit and rock back and forth or to just walk around and do household tasks as it works you out from the inside :)

5 Stars ( 5 of 5 Stars! )

Evi by Aneros

The anatomically designed Evi by Aneros for women requires no vibration and offers users a sensual, hands-free experience like no other.  The curved front of the bulb stimulates the user’s G-spot, and the handle is designed to stimulate the clitoris, adding a pleasurable aspect to using the Evi, which led to the slogan “Kegel fitness with orgasmic incentives.”


Evi also offers the ability to strengthen pelvic floor muscles which help a woman perform a strong vise-like grip during intercourse; enhance arousal through increased blood flow; have multiple, more intense orgasms, more often; enhance bladder control; and facilitate healthy pregnancy, leading to easier delivery and post-partum recovery.


Aneros has a great range of unisex toys for couples, why not check them out!

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