Sex & Mischief Rubber Ticklers

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Sex & Mischief Rubber Ticklers

Sometimes pleasure and pain can be blurred together. The Sex & Mischief Rubber Tickler in various colors are designed to give you the chance to add pleasure to your pain and give your partner an experience they won't forget. The 7 inch rubber strands are a bright pink that is fun, flirty, and sexy. And they're small enough to provide a light, fun tickle when you drag them over your partner's skin. Use them anywhere you want . the body safe material won't cause a rash or irritation. Unless you want it to, that is. That's because with a simple flick of your wrist you can give them a light sting and get them excited in another way.


The Sex & Mischief Rubber Tickler: Pink functions like a tickler or a crop, depending on how you want to use it. It's the best of both worlds and is a great way to experience everything that the fetish world has to offer without having to buy two toys. If you've never used a tickler or a crop, this is a great purchase that provides you with both. Try adding a blindfold to heighten the sense of anticipation and the overall pleasure felt during the experience. No matter the occasion and whether you're a seasoned fetish pro or someone just starting to experiment with what it has to offer, there's no question that the Sex & Mischief Rubber Tickler: Pink is a great addition to your adult toy collection.

Why not add a hood for more fun?

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