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Sex and Mischief Restraint Wrap 4 Black

Worried you'll lose the keys to handcuffs? Not any good at tying knots and even worse at getting them undone? Bondage play is still possible and easily accomplished when you choose instead to use the Restraint Wrap from Sex & Mischief. Black, stretchy, durable, and it won't rip out hair or stick to skin; this 10cm wide tape is perfect for some creative restraint play.

Experiment with A Cock Ring Too!

The Sex & Mischief collection is Sportsheets newest product line, and designed to introduce couples to some light bondage play. It's the ideal choice for those that are intimidated or overwhelmed by fetish play and all its accessories but would like to test the waters before diving in head first.

The black coloured Restraint Wrap is like a tape, and while it will stick easily to itself it refrains from sticking to skin and won't pull at body hair. It is made from a special cotton blend that makes the Restraint Wrap comfortably breathable. The cotton structure allows for the tape to be thin and soft as well as stretchy, so you can play with some give and your subject can tug at it while it stays securely in place without tearing or ripping. The soft and thin tape is flexible and can be wrapped in any configuration your dirty heart desires.
Bind wrists, ankles, and play with some creative bondage techniques as your skills progress - you'll have 4.5 metres of tape to experiment and play with.

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