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The Sex & Mischief Black Silicone Anal Beads are a high quality anal sex toy that allows you to add a kinky twist to your sex play. Moving away from the traditional spheres, each of the beads on this 9 inch string have a tapered shape. Apply water-based lubricant and revel in the up and down sensations as you insert each one and move from thin to thick and back to thin for a truly intense anal stimulation.



Made from phthalate free, body safe silicone you can play with confidence and in comfort. The silicone string is flexible enough to bend to the shape of your body. A strong finger loop remains outside, making it simple to manipulate and remove the beads at the point of climax for an extra thrilling sensation.

1 black silicone anal beads, 9 inches (22.86 cm) long with 9 beads, bead diameter 0.89 inches (22.62 mm)
Silicone, ABS plastic



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Sex & Mischief Black Silicone Anal Beads Date Added: Tuesday 08 March, 2016

by Anonymous

Anal beads are a great addition to any toy collection, and can even be a device that specialises in enhancing your orgasm.
Put simply, anal beads are a sex toy consisting of multiple balls attached together in a series which are continuously inserted into the anus and then removed, most typically when approaching orgasm.

Anal beads can be made from near enough any material (common sex toy materials, that is) - steel, plastic, silicone, jelly, you name it. They also come at various levels of qualities and various price ranges.

Sex and Mischiefs Silicone Anal Beads are both high quality, and inexpensive.
They're made from the smoothest silicone and feel divine to touch. These beads are slim and long; 0.8" in diameter and 9" in length. This makes them more than suitable for all users, including beginners! The convenient loop situated at the end of the toy makes for easy control as well as easy removal when desired.

Worried about phthalates and/or how body safe they are? Relax!
Sex and Mischiefs anal beads are phthalate free non porous for super safe anal play. YAY

As always, all anal products should always be used with a good quality lubricant to prevent discomfort, tearing and/or permanent damage. We recommend a super slippery, high quality lubricant like Super Slyde!

These beads are super easy to clean - soap and warm water will suffice!

My only qualm is, whilst the beads are super smooth and delightful to touch, the strand of beads itself is rather flexible and could prove difficult for some to insert. The easiest way to combat this would be to glide them in from the beads closer to your body, not the loop at the end of the beads.

Aside from being a little difficult to insert, this toy ticks all of the boxes!
It's body safe, a decent size, inexpensive, good quality, and can help one achieve out-of-this-world orgasms.

So what's stopping you??

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