Sex In The Shower Waterproof Massager

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Waterproof, Multi Speed Vibrator, 7.5 inches, hard smooth material


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 You'll be trying to find an excuse to take a shower any chance you get thanks to the Sex In The Shower Waterproof Vibrator. The combination of heat, stimulating showers of water, and the vibration from this powerful waterproof vibrator all combine to give you an experience you absolutely have to feel to believe.

At seven and a half inches long, this vibrator is the perfect size for all your intimate needs. It's perfect for the shower but also well worth taking into the bedroom as well. You'll get a total of ten different vibration settings for every mood and moment, and the sleek design is as perfectly suited for light penetration as it is for clit stimulation. You'll never shower the same way again once you have the Sex In The Shower Waterproof Vibrator, and you'll notice that every shower takes a little longer than it used to.



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