Vibrating Mesh Sponge

Discreet Vibrating sponge, multi speed, waterproof, mesh material


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 The Sex in the Shower Vibrating Mesh Sponge is perfect and discreet for those who want to pleasure themselves or their partner in the shower without anyone else in the house from knowing what is going on. The vibrating mesh sponge looks like a normal purple mesh sponge. What the untrained eye can't detect, however, is that there is a small vibrator inside the mesh sponge that provides a wonderful and constant vibration.

The small vibrator is removable and can be used to provide pleasure in other ways as well. You can use it on yourself or on your romantic partner. It is discreet enough that you could leave it in the bathroom, even if you share the bathroom with other people. It is recommended that you take the small vibrator out when you are not using it just in case someone wants to sneak and use your mesh sponge.



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Vibrating Mesh Sponge Date Added: Thursday 04 February, 2016

by Anonymous

The shower or the bath is one of most common spaces for sexual pleasure. It is a time for intimacy and body exploration in a warm nice environment where anything is permitted and nobody will interrupt. Women love it for masturbation and many couples like using the shower for preliminaries, postplay or the whole sexual intercourse. However, it might not always be as comfortable as one imagines: the bottom of the bath is too hard to stand on your knees, back or elbows; it is easy to slip away; sizes are generally smaller than ideal for two people... so, why not improving the whole experience of having sex in the shower with products such as the vibrating sponge?

Soft and sensual, this is ideal for a bath time relaxation and intimate teasing of the most erogenous zones. The vibrating sponge has a waterproof bullet vibrator to be placed into the holder of the sponge for discreet pleasure. Even when one is sharing a bath with someone else, it can be used to massage the other partner's body, or masturbate each other.

The soft material is perfect for rubbing and scrubbing, and it features an elasticated strap for easy grip. The vibrator is powerful and it is what turns a simple cleaning device into an orgasmic sex toy.

It is a great gift for those who want to surprise their partners or simply boost fun and pleasure during solo bath times.

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