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Weightless sex in almost any position can become a reality easily with the Sex Harness. This unique lovers tool gives you all the freedom of movement and adventurous positioning without bulky swings, pillows or other sex furniture. The simple over-the-shoulder design straps your partner in so you can effortlessly support and maneuver them around for incredibly, previously difficult positions. All you need to do is slide your lovers legs into the padded thigh straps, while they grab hold of the easy grip chest handles, and you're ready to ride. The straps fit most sizes, since they adjust, while the padded neck strap takes the strain off the wearers back and shoulders. Enjoy!
Color: Black or Pink
Material: Nylon
Size: One size fit most
There is always room for a bit more excitement in our everyday lives and BDStyle Fetish Wear provides us with some real adult lifestyle products that will take us to the edge. Whether you are into hardcore Bondage or just a little bit of vanilla role playing there is something in their range to suit everybody. Paddles, hoods even pasties to make that erotic moment even more sizzling.
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