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What does an award winning vibrator look like? Well, let's have a closer look. This is the NU generation in Personal Stimulation. It is an XBIZ 2014 Award Winning Sex Toy and an Winner of the 2014 ANME StorErotica award for Product of the Year.


If you have the urge to try something new, the Sensuelle Impulse will exceed your expectations. It has a deceptively simple, sleek design starting with the subtle grooves and continues on to the special hook handle.

Don’t be fooled, as the Sensuelle Impulse has special hidden features aimed to unveil your sensuality. It has a deeply intense motor, with multi function modes, designed to create powerful sensations easily with the touch of a finger. In addition to the 7 vibration functions, the Sensuelle Impulse has a unique touch sensor mode. Upon contact with your body, the touch sensor vibrations will automatically start.


But it doesn’t end there. Each groove on the Sensuelle Impulse represents a different sensor region with varying intensities.
As you glide along from the tip to the end of the Sensuelle Impulse, the vibrations will increase in intensity the further you move along the shaft.


You can switch between the 7 Vibration Functions and touch Sensor Mode at the touch of a button. The special hook handle allows the Sensuelle Impulse to be enjoyed externally or internally, and either as a vaginal or anal toy. The Touch Sensor technology with Graduating Intensity is the future of adult toys, available to you today.
The Sensuelle Impulse will introduce you to another dimension of sensuality.


NU Sensuelle is brought to you by Novel Creations an Australian owned company. They are award winnings and have developed a massive cult following for their products. They a variety of the essential womens and mens sex toys. Their quality is remarkable.

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Sensuelle Impulse Sensor Date Added: Monday 29 February, 2016

by Anonymous

Nu really knows how to make people happy. This adorable toy having 7+1 different functions with its strong motor satisfies the desires of everybody. Although it seems like G-Spot vibrator, it can be used freely for clitoral and anal stimulation as well. Its 4 in insertable length with tapered and curved tip enables the users to have great sensations.

It is made of ABS silicone material, firm but really smooth to touch. The toy is rechargeable with USB cable and additional wall plug inside its box. It is recommended that the toy should be charged 8-12 hours prior to first use. After first use, it takes 2 hours to be fully charged which is equivalent to 1 hour play. It is available in 3 color options as black, green, purple in the market. The toy has hook shaped handle which makes the toy easy to grip whilst play. Sadly, it is water resistant for only cleaning purposes, this is the only drawback for this toy and can be ignored.

Let me explain that plus one (1) in 7+1;

In addition to standard 7 functions, that plus one is the touch mode. To turn it on simply hold down the power button for 3 seconds and now it is in the touch mode. The toy has 3 different zones, its intensity is low at the tip and goes higher as it approaches the base. Upon contact with your body, the touch sensor vibration will automatically start and varies with the pressure applied by the user.

You can switch 7 different functions which are 3 for speed and 4 for pulsating patterns by pushing the triangle shape button. To go back to touch mode press power button once, and hold down for 3 seconds again to turn it off.

It does not matter that the user is advanced or beginner. Everyone will have fun with this toy.

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