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What does an award winning vibrator look like? Well, let's have a closer look. This is the NU generation in Personal Stimulation. It is an XBIZ 2014 Award Winning Sex Toy and an Winner of the 2014 ANME StorErotica award for Product of the Year.


If you have the urge to try something new, the Sensuelle Impulse will exceed your expectations. It has a deceptively simple, sleek design starting with the subtle grooves and continues on to the special hook handle.

Don’t be fooled, as the Sensuelle Impulse has special hidden features aimed to unveil your sensuality. It has a deeply intense motor, with multi function modes, designed to create powerful sensations easily with the touch of a finger. In addition to the 7 vibration functions, the Sensuelle Impulse has a unique touch sensor mode. Upon contact with your body, the touch sensor vibrations will automatically start.


But it doesn’t end there. Each groove on the Sensuelle Impulse represents a different sensor region with varying intensities.
As you glide along from the tip to the end of the Sensuelle Impulse, the vibrations will increase in intensity the further you move along the shaft.


You can switch between the 7 Vibration Functions and touch Sensor Mode at the touch of a button. The special hook handle allows the Sensuelle Impulse to be enjoyed externally or internally, and either as a vaginal or anal toy. The Touch Sensor technology with Graduating Intensity is the future of adult toys, available to you today.
The Sensuelle Impulse will introduce you to another dimension of sensuality.


NU Sensuelle is brought to you by Novel Creations an Australian owned company. They are award winnings and have developed a massive cult following for their products. They a variety of the essential womens and mens sex toys. Their quality is remarkable.

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Sensuelle Impulse Sensor Date Added: Monday 29 February, 2016

by Anonymous

Nu really knows how to make people happy. This adorable toy having 7+1 different functions with its strong motor satisfies the desires of everybody. Although it seems like G-Spot vibrator, it can be used freely for clitoral and anal stimulation as well. Its 4 in insertable length with tapered and curved tip enables the users to have great sensations.

It is made of ABS silicone material, firm but really smooth to touch. The toy is rechargeable with USB cable and additional wall plug inside its box. It is recommended that the toy should be charged 8-12 hours prior to first use. After first use, it takes 2 hours to be fully charged which is equivalent to 1 hour play. It is available in 3 color options as black, green, purple in the market. The toy has hook shaped handle which makes the toy easy to grip whilst play. Sadly, it is water resistant for only cleaning purposes, this is the only drawback for this toy and can be ignored.

Let me explain that plus one (1) in 7+1;

In addition to standard 7 functions, that plus one is the touch mode. To turn it on simply hold down the power button for 3 seconds and now it is in the touch mode. The toy has 3 different zones, its intensity is low at the tip and goes higher as it approaches the base. Upon contact with your body, the touch sensor vibration will automatically start and varies with the pressure applied by the user.

You can switch 7 different functions which are 3 for speed and 4 for pulsating patterns by pushing the triangle shape button. To go back to touch mode press power button once, and hold down for 3 seconds again to turn it off.

It does not matter that the user is advanced or beginner. Everyone will have fun with this toy.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Sensuelle Impulse Sensor Date Added: Thursday 10 December, 2015

by Nicki, Alexandra

I loveeeeeeee with a passion the sensuelle range because of their power, their shape, their design, the fact that they are completely rechargeable, their wacky colors. They are fantastic toys in my eyes not because of all the characteristics i just described, actually no i lied. Yes for all those reasons!!!

Ok ok ok, enough of me whispering sweet serenades to the box while whoever is watching the camera is thinking "what a weirdo". The Impulse is unique and it's different. Firstly it has 7 functions plus another special function that i will get into later, so really it has 8. Like all Sesnuelle products it packs a significant power punch and is undoubtedly one of the most powerful smaller toys on the market. Now see how i mentioned small, don't freak out it's still a great size but it is on the smaller side just abit bigger and thicker then a bullet making it the perfect internal toy but also can still pack a power punch as a crazy clitoris vibe! Did i mention it is fully rechargeable? The shape is designed with some ripples for added stimulation also with the tip slightly pointing up making it a fantastic G-Spot stimulating toy.

So now to the big announcement about that extra 1 function. You're all sitting on the edge of your seat right now like oh my God what is the function, I hope it makes money, Does it pay the bills! The impulse has a unique touch sensor that allows it to provide a harder vibration the more you insert the toy... I know how good is that, whats the point of buttons!!!

Overall the Impulse is fantastic and it holds an XBIZ 2014 Award!

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Sensuelle Impulse Sensor Date Added: Friday 11 September, 2015

by Tanya, Springvale

My boyfriend gave me Sensuelle Impulse Sensor about 5 months ago. In fact, he used it on me the first time, the way they showed another similar sex toy being used in one of those Japanese YouTube uploads. It was unbelievable and ever since that day, I have been using it as frequently as I can. I did have a few problems earlier in reaching orgasm, especially after we had sex continuously for a couple of weeks. We always needed a break of a week or two before resuming our sex lives because I had problems in getting sufficiently aroused. That is what prompted my boyfriend to bring this sex toy for me.

What I like about Sensuelle Impules Sensor is that it is easy to hold. Most vibrators require you to grip them, but in this vibrator, the designer has given a hook that lets me push it in as much as I want and pull it out as fast as I want from vagina and thrust it in again many times sometimes slowly sometimes fast. That is the way I like it. Other vibrators have the buttons on surface, so I cannot really do that, especially because my wide grip prevents the deeper penetration. Therefore, other vibrators leave me unsatisfied.

The external appearance of NU generation's Sensuelle Impulse Sensor also resembles a penis, a long one at that. It is smooth but not hard plastic; the plastic is soft contrary to how it appears. The smooth appearance, however, helps it to glide in and out more easily than some of the other vibrators I have known. Not only do they seem artificial, the realization completely stops the excitement achieved that far.

The grooves on Sensuelle Impulse Sensor's surface actually increase the excitement as it moves into my vagina; it is almost as if I am having the kind of penetration I want without compromising on any need. The grooves on the long body of this vibrator ensure that wherever they touch my internals, they vibrate it. It is real bliss as this toy does that.

Sensuelle Impulse sensor is rechargeable, and my only grouse with this toy is it takes fairly long to get recharged. But once it is charged, I am in for an exciting time. I use it when I am watching television as well. The switch of this sex toy is so easy to operate. I can start this vibrator with a single touch. Seven different types of vibrations are possible with this. Effectively, I never run out of choices. I can alternate such vibrations too, to get more variety and change the intensity. The toy's motor allows that. But if you want a new way to enjoy sex, let the toy take charge with its touch sensor. It will know exactly where you need that stimulation and try all options till you start moaning. Your boyfriend could not have asked for more if he likes a quick one a couple of times and forceful one too. You would be all ready for him really quick the way I am for my boyfriend.

The impulse sensor mode in this device starts vibrating the moment it touches the skin, making it feel like a real penis. I like to play with it at the entrance of vagina. My boyfriend does not have much patience for such foreplay. He usually approaches me when he is ready and needs to enter fast. He can remain in there for fairly long, but once he is spent, he moves over and needs recharging. But this toy lets me suck it in with my vagina muscles, slowly at the pace in which I feel excited and while I do so, it increases the intensity of vibrations. It keeps me excited and lets me experience orgasm again and again before and after sex with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is happy too because he gets exactly what he needs in time.

I will recommend using the Sensuelle Impulse because it gives multiple orgasms, which you know burn calories too. Our sex life has undergone a sea change since last few months, and my boyfriend can't seem to keep himself away from me. What more can a woman ask for? Marriage? It will have to wait. For now, sex is too good to set aside

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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