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Warm your intimate moments with SenseVibe Warm. Together with its thermal function, two internal and external motors, different vibrators and a tight and hygienic charging cassette, SenseVibe Warm is the perfect total package of fun and your new favorite toy.


Heated vibrator

Warm your body with SenseVibe Warm by pressing the middle button on the vibrator for 3 seconds. The temperature can rise to 43 degrees. Heat the vibrator before use or start immediately. After 3 minutes, SenseVibe Warm will have reached the perfect temperature to give you a breathtaking experience.


Vibrations of pleasure

Thanks to the ergonomically shaped flexible yoga neck and two engines, for internal and external pleasure, SenseVibe Warm ensures targeted stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot. You can choose from 8 different vibrations and speeds and experience the different vibrations, which makes you vibrate.


SenseMax VR Sex Toys will revolutionize the way that we experience adult toy play. Using the erotic theatre inside each and everyone’s mind they will provide quality and beautiful sex toys and provide an intimate place to play. Immerse yourself in the 3D virtual reality world and experience a new dimension of erotic play, Fulfil your private fantasies and kinkiness with the third generation of interactive technology and content has expanded the possibilities of intimate experiences. SenseMax has harnessed these technologies to create the Sense Ecosystem, a truly revolutionary step forward in how we engage in pleasure. Let the VR Sexual Revolution begin!!

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