ScreamingO The Oh Man Pleasure Ring

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Screaming O

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  • Innovative Dual-Function Vibrating Cockring for His Pleasure
  • "Baller" Attachment Gives the "Boys" Extra-Special Attention
  • Pleasure Knobs Tingle and Turn Him Into a Human Vibrator
  • One-Size-Fits-All Cockring Keeps Him Erect and Hard
  • Taint-Tickling Accessory Targets His Sweet Spot
Standard Features:
  • Reusable with Replaceable Batteries
  • 60+ Minutes of Strong Vibration
  • Easy On/Off Button
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless

The OMan vibrating pleasure ring puts a two-pronged approach to male pleasure. Featuring a nubby "Baller" attachment that hugs "the boys" for extra-intense attention and a classic cockring that keeps him hard all night, the OMan has something to stimulate each one of his sweet spots.

Its super-powered motor sits between the shaft and "the boys" for a full-on vibration that travels throughout the ring and into him, giving both partners ultimate sensation. Plus with a targeted taint tickler and pleasure knobs for concentrated cock play, The OMan makes cock-and-ball play fun and great for gay couples of all sexual needs and levels.

Turn it on for intense tingling or turn it off to enjoy the erection enhancing effect; The OMan has something for everyone made especially for men!

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