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Screaming O Plus has been couples’ favorite cock ring for almost a decade with a convenient disposable design that makes it fun and easy to try one for the first time! This powerful vibrating cock ring helps promote stronger erections by restricting blood flow to and from the penis while its vibrating motor provides clitoral stimulation that helps get her closer to orgasm with every stroke! Simply stretch the ring around the base of the penis and testicles if desired – it will fit tight and snug – with the vibrating motor on top and switch it on for instant vibration! Screaming O Plus gives men a quick “boost” in the boner department and women pleasant clitoral stimulation all in a compact, travel-friendly package that couples can toss in the trash when they’re done!


• Powerful vibration for essential clitoral stimulation
• Firmer and harder erections with more intense orgasms
• Stretchy, one-size-fits-most erection ring


Award-winning sex toy manufacturer and designed Screaming O have released many of the all-time best-selling products in the adult marketplace. Since 2005 The Screaming O products have created easy-to-use, fun-to-try and made of materials consumers can trust and at realistic pricing because everyone deserves to enjoy these products.


Committed to consumer trust, The Screaming O tests its products with an independent labs to confirm that all materials are non-toxic and body-safe and clearly labels every package to assure shoppers know exactly what they’re buying. The Screaming O products have been covered in the media by Women’s Health, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, CBS’s The Doctors and countless other popular news media. Proudly promoting a sex-positive message with a modern approach, The Screaming O helps reinvent the way men and women have sex – and have fun doing it!

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ScreamingO Plus Date Added: Saturday 12 December, 2015

by Gareth, Glenelg

Screaming O has to be one of my favorite brands and they remind me of a quote that I fell in love with, "keep it simple but significant". They are so easy to use and the designed are endless, you can find a cockring that is suited to you weather it be for testicle stimulation, or a complete clit vibe that will rock your world yeap!

So the Screaming O Plus is as simple as it gets when it comes to cockrings, I like to say it's like the try before you buy for cockrings, you know when you go to the ice cream store and then you ask them for the free sample of what you want then you like it and choose to buy the icecream for $3.50. Well the Screaming O plus is that free scoop except it costs $14.99 and the full scoop is a Tor 2 by Lelo, ha ha!
So back to how delicious this free scoop is. Now like i said it's just a tester to see if you like it, so it has 30 minutes of battery life, it is water resistant, and you can throw it away straight after use. Now they are fantastic for like i said first time toy users, weather it be male or female or both, if it's for male on male, he can just twist it around so it is vibrating on the testicles. That will get him going. If it's a female solo because her partner didnt like it that is okay because she can just put her fingers through the loop and use it as a clit vibe, and if it's for a straight male he can use it with a masturbator so then he can just have that so he can be using it whilst he is using his Stamina Training Unit by Fleshlight..

So is it cheap? Yes.

Is it going to last? For 30 minutes it is.

Is it one of the funnest things you can put around your penis? YES!

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