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Screaming O

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The FingO Nubby features tiny nubs that grip onto sensitive areas to transmit thrilling vibrations. Slip ring onto finger, then place finger on erogenous zones for out-of-this-world explosive orgasms! It's like dozens of tiny fingers massaging all your nerve endings. FingO is made of food grade quality silicone and is latex-and phthalate-free. Use before, after or even during sex to take sensual play to new heights, and be sure to make time for solo play. Turn your finger into a personal sex toy!


25 x 95 x 165 mm



Adult toys are meant for fun and since they find use in the most private parts, hygiene is a must. Screaming O boasts of unmatchable quality when it comes to trying their products from any reputed adult shop. They pose no threat to your body and come with better packaging which triggers its sale. Leading fashion magazines like Maxim and Cosmopolitan have covered Screaming O sex toys with positivesex-based information.

If adult toys are your thing, Screaming O is the name to trust. Known for their extremelyeasy usage and made from body friendly components, Screaming O promises to deliver the best of bodily pleasures. Cheaper than its competitors, its products provide an interactive approach to adult toys. Gone are those days when venting out sexual fantasies is considered taboo. Screaming O vibrators aim to satisfy all your sexual wants with fun and emotion.

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