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Rianne S Matryoshka Vibrator


The Matryoshka vibrator from Rianne S is an one of a kind toy which is utilized fundamentally for outer excitement. There are not very many vibrators accessible offering this straightforward yet extremely useful configuration. It has a bigger base which is anything but difficult to grasp and a littler tip. Because of the span of the tip the Matryoshka is more inclined to be utilized for clitoral excitement, despite the fact that the tip could be somewhat embedded on the off chance that you want to insert it. The vibrator is controlled by switches on the bigger end of the toy. While the entire toy does vibrate the vibrator of the Matryoshka is found in the littler tip and this is the place the most serious vibrations are felt.


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This vibrator is produced using high quality, body safe silicone which is phthalate free. The silicone is not delicate yet smooth cover and unbending up the toy, this is not an flexible toy. Since it is non permeable and waterproof the Matryoshka can be disinfected, or effortlessly washed with cleanser and water. This toy is completely rechargeable and charges through an attractive base on a charging port. After the beginning eight hour charge the Matryoshka ought to have enough power for two hours of play, from that point on it will oblige two hours to completely energize. The toy additionally accompanies a spread so it can be effectively concealed while charging. It simply resembles a barrel shaped item. It is a calm toy regardless of having capable vibrations. This is an awesome toy for tenderfoots or the individuals who need to take a stab at something new and a bit distinctive..

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Rianne-S Matryoshka Date Added: Tuesday 05 April, 2016

by Anonymous

Even if Matryoshka seems like a Russian girl she is a European, designed by a woman, Rianne Swierstra, (yes, the company has been named after her) in the country which is famous with windmills, magic mushrooms and stroopwafels, Anyway, after having this unnecessary info let me tell how beautiful this toy is.

The Matryoshka comes in a really nice package including charger, case for charging, warranty document, user manual, and small storage pouch. After you take her out of its package ad touch it you will love her sleek, smooth material and see how easy to grip in your palm with your fingers. She is made of silicone which is phthalate free and hypoallergenic. This toy is perfect for clitoral stimulation and you can also use her on your nipples and other erogenous body parts. The Matryoshka is pretty firm which is understandable as it was not designed mainly for G-spot stimulation. Besides, don't hesitate to use the toy on males' erogenous area as well such as frenulum and perineum.

This rechargeable toy has 5 different vibration intensities, as well as 5 different patterns which are really powerful enough for climax at the end of your play. The toy must be charged overnight before the first use. You can turn the massager on/off and switch modes by using buttons on it and as a bonus she has travel lock. As you see, everything was considered beforehand for your privacy.

The Matryoshka is immersible and available in 3 different colours as deep purple, lavender bush and french rose. Your solo or couple sessions will be more exciting with her undoubtedly.

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