Rends R1 A10 Piston Masturbator

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Rends R1 A10 Piston Masturbator

Revolution! The ultimate electric piston masturbator

Great high technology plug-in masturbator!

This fantastic automatic hands-free masturbator from RENDS is possibly the most advanced stroker for men that has ever been created.
By harnessing the technology of the R-1 series platform, RENDS has created a powerful auto stroker like no other.

- The A10 Piston uses the R-1 controller japanese technology to control the multi-pattern movements that make this masturbating machine absolutely unique.

- 7 different stroking patterns are powered by the Piston’s strong motor and range from slow and passionate to fast and fierce (49 possible combinations!)

After quite a long development time the waiting finally came to an end! We are happy to now introduce you to our largest project yet, the ultimate piston machine – A10 PISTON. Electric masturbators might never have been successful nor regarded very highly within the industry until now, but with this revolutionary piston masturbator we break it all down!

Thanks to the up and down thrusting piston structure, featuring several movement patterns, you can expect a natural sensation and strong stimulation which feels just like actual sex! Also A10 Piston might resemble the A10 Cyclone from the same R-series, but has a different structure and offers a totally different experience!

For the first time in the series we also implemented the use of an AC adapter to guarantee powerful everlasting use and simple mobility, clearing out any possible stress!

There might be some noise from the engine when running at high speed, which is something we work on, but according to most of our users there still is no other piston masturbator out there that will give you such a hard and stimulating orgasm as this one.

The development of the A10 Piston Masturbator started out from nothing and was a series of trial and error. We had the structure itself from the R-1 controller that was released back in 2004, but until we could get satisfied we had to do test after test. And the days passed…

To live up the R-1 Brand as a product pursuing better performance and stronger stimulation, also ensuring a better usability and safety and so forth, it took us four and a half years to complete the A10 Piston.

And at a first glance the technology might not be anything special, but considering the large amounts of money and time  spent on it it definitely isn’t something that can be achieved overnight.

Driven by the passion of becoming “The pioneer of electric masturbators”, somehow has managed to come to this point. So please, please take a chance to experience the greatness of the ultimate electric piston masturbator born out of our hardship.

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Rends R1 A10 Piston Masturbator Date Added: Friday 11 March, 2016

by Mikhail, Oatley

This device is crazy good , The intensity of orgasm this device will help you achieve is amazing .I have never had a toy that I loved so much . The motor in the machine is very good and it uses4 batteries ( I think they are DD ) This is my third device that I have purchased over the years , unfortunatelyevery six months to a 24 months this machine may break so , as much as I love this machineI wish the cylinder did not break as often . The way this machine works it has a cylinder that spinsaround back and forth or to the right or to the left ( you choose the setting ) It can turn very fast ( you control the speed you like )I explode within 5 minutes almost every time. because of this constant turning the cylinder may come loose and fall off .In the past Ive tried to use crazy glue to fix it ,but it would break again. I wish they made this device little more tough , and 110 electric power would be awesome. This machine drains batteries , so get yourself rechargeable ones ,lot cheaper in the long run.This toy is expensive but worth every penny

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