Reman's Male Delay Spray

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Reman’s male delay spray was the first to use Vitamin E in it’s formula that allows quick absorbent into the skin giving stimulation and activation. Once sprayed it will allow the energy in your cells to store energy and increase sexual prowess - letting you potentially last longer in bed and giving you the aility to please your sexual partner for longer!


Increase resistance to ejaculate
Allows you to increase your physical energy during sex
Prevents the skin from wrinkles
Renews penile cell activity
Increase physical sexual activities

Recommended to men or all ages that suffer from premature ejaculation. Spray about 15 minutes before sexual activity.


This product is sold for novelty purposes only.


Pheromones and delay sprays are an under rated part of intimacy. They can improve confidence, performance and sexual prowess. Here, you’ll find a collection of erection enhancers and sprays that will suit you and help you perform like the tiger you want to be in the bedroom. Affordable, and quality colognes and performance sprays now available

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