RednBlack Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

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Red and Black wrist and ankle cuffs


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There is always something with red and black ! Add this to your collection and bind your partner or slave by the limbs. Soft material allowing prolonged usage

1 set of wrist cuffs
1 set of ankle cuffs


(Ankle measurement: 120mm max diameter, 54mm width, and 3mm thickness)
(Wrist measurement: 105mm max diameter, 54mm width, and 3mm thickness)


Always remember when using cuffs  Don’t make the cuffs too tight. You should be able to fit one or two fingers between the bondage and skin.  Having a limb fall asleep is a sign of bad bondage, a definite no-no. The tie-er-upper should check for cooling or discoloration (i.e. whitening) of parts past the restraints about every few minutes. If the bound one starts feeling an uncomfortable tingling or numbness, they should pipe up. If you fail to follow these simple instructions and a limb gets totally numb, then remove the restraints, lower the limb, massage the area to help with blood flow, and cover up to help warm the limb.


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