Red Jacquard Underbust Corset With G-String

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Jacquard Corset

Ella Bidoe

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The wonderful Jacquare Corset is for waist training and when tighetened will slim you down up to 12cm.  There are steel bones that help cinch the body to reveal a perfect hour glass figure.  The red grand fabric is feminine and will make you stand out in the crowd.  With matching G-String.


You will be surprised at the quality and range of the boutique Ella Bidoe Lingerie range. But quality and range to not mean that a purchase will break the budget. Find all the popular styles of sexy undergarments in a vivid arranged of colors. Ella Bidoe is a plus sized woman so you will be able to find Queen sizes in most of her collections. Australian owned and based support your local lingerie distributor and choose Ella for your sexy needs!

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