Rainbow Bell Adjustable Nipple Clamps

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Fun Room

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Feel the exquisite swinging of the chain across your chest, the soft musical tinkling of the bells and the delicious pressure of the clamps on your erect nipples. With quality chain, pretty coloured bells and pink rubber clamps, simply open the clasp, apply and adjust the intensity to have her moaning in pleasure all night!


Nipple Clamps are erotic sex toys bordering on fetish. Many bondage enthusiasts use clamps in their sex play and here is a great set for you to start with that not only look great but are functional too!


Fun Room Toys are all about bringing fun and passion to the bedroom. They have created a range of bedroom toys and accessories with a focus on couples play. Their range includes an expansive collection of vibrators, fetish toys and bondage gear all at affordable pricing. Let Room Fun enhance your intimate play and passion today

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