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White has always been a traditional colour for weddings, and wedding nights. Whilst once standing for purity, virginity and all things good - it has transcended into a magical colour that still represents these things but in a modern context. 

This Pure Bridal Undergarment is going to make it feel like the very first time.  Take your new husband to places he has never been on your wedding night so that he will always remember that first and special time you consumated your marriage.


And if it's not your wedding night, then everyone knows just how difficult white is to keep clean and it means a lot to wearing it. Light, with ruffles, this one size piece is simple yet elegant. Ella Bidoe Bridal Lingerie now at Adultsmart.


Sizing is according to Imperial standards for all ‘Ella Bidoe’ products and are used as a guide only. Sizing may vary slightly according to individual item aspects.


Ella Bidoe is a company that understand the beauty of lingerie. As such they have created an extensive range of affordable lingerie pieces that will suit everybody and each individual and unique style. Great priced lingerie can often be difficult to find, but the folks at Ella Bidoe definitely have it down pat.

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