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Beer Masturbator


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The all new Pure Blonde is a bottle shape masturbator with real skin feel.

You wont need to worry about leaving this lying around

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Pure Blonde Masturbator Date Added: Saturday 02 January, 2016

by Keith, Whalan

I am a huge fan of toys that are disguised as everyday objects, with an 8 year old my privacy is next to nil so these things are exactly what I love.The Pure Blonde Lager bottle and Vodka Pleezer bottles are cleverly disguised as liquor bottles so even more reason to tell the kids to leave it alone (other adults though may be a problem)Hidden inside these bottles are soft and supple latex lotus masturbator. Simply unscrew the bottom of the bottle and let the fun begin. It is a reusable unit that is easy to clean as the latex insert is removable. There is 15cm in insertable length and 6cm in diameter which should suit the average male (maybe). I haven't opened the package because it is sealed and then we can't sell it so I only have one concern that I can't verify unless I do open it. Because the removable cap is at the bottom the penis may come to and abrupt stop once the bottle neck is reached. I couldn't find any reviews online so if any males would like to add their opinion it would be much obliged. Otherwise I think that this is perfect for people that can't afford a fleshlight being $40.

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