Pump Worx Head Job Vibrating Power Pump

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Pump Worx - Headjob Vibrating Power Pump



The Headjob Vibrating Power Pump is the perfect mix between business and pleasure. The business includes the girth, length and growth of your penis due to the pumping exercise and the pleasure includes a vibrating suction that feels like a portable headjob. The growth occurs through the use of a vacuum which the pump creates and is also especially useful for erectile dysfunction and other ailments. This great quality toy brings to you the best of both worlds, combining them into one toy.



Using a high quality water based lubricant will allow you to have an easier transition from pumping to intercourse or whatever penal stimulation you desire. The water base lubricant will make it much more comfortable to pump instead of having the cylinder dry. Once finishing pumping be sure to clamp your bloodflow with a cockring this will allow your new vital erection to stay harder for much longer.



Pipedream Products produces one of the biggest ranges of Penis Pumps – Pump worx. Developed in California, and developed by one of the leading toy companies in the world and contains a huge variety of colours, accessories and styles to provide you with the best range of Penis Pumps out there. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that Pipedream has the ability to develop quality products.

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