Pratt Rectal Steel Anal Spreader

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Pierre, Steel, Screw Adjustable, Pratt Rectal Anal Spreader

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The Pratt Rectal Spreader is downright sexy! With its squeezing-to-open handle, the Pratt Speculum is just a dream to use!  Made of heavy metal with thumbscrews to lock it open! Open-n-see-you--- says the Nurse!  The fully opened speculum is almost three inches which makes it very intimidating! Made of medical grade stainless steel, the Ultimate Anal Spreader will be in your toy bag or on your clinic tray stand for a very, very long time to come... much to the chagrin of your quivering patient!


Pierre Pierre is on his way there!  Anal Play just got a hole lot more fun!


Stainless Steel Pratt Rectal Spreader
Overall Length; 200mm

Insertable; 80mm

Insertable Width; 19mm

Max Open; 70mm



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