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Zuki Wig Brown

Made of human-like, high-quality, synthetic materials, the Zuki Wig is Fully adjustable.

Washable instructions:
Use warm water and soap & the wig will bounce back to original shape.

Packaging provided will allow place to store the wig when not in use.

Style and colour as shown on images.


If you are on the search for some good looking, affordable wigs, then Pleasure Wigsshould be your first choice. Tired of searching high and low for that one wig that bravely speaks out, loud and proud, of your unique personality? You need not search anymore; Pleasure Wigs are here to help you out. Pleasure Wigs have achieved the intricate balance between quality and affordability. Each Pleasure Wig is made from high-grade synthetic fiber for that human hair feel and look. Working that Pleasure Wig will leave heads spinning, minds churning and thoughts flying like, “Where can I get that wig?” 

Pleasure Wigs are just right for a variety of occasions. Grab that Cleo Wig for that Egyptian dress-up party you’re going to. The Vamp Wig will go hand in hand with that vampire Halloween costume you’ve been eyeing all year. Pleasure Wigs are adjustable to accommodate different head sizes. You can work your Pleasure wigs over and over again, and they’ll still look and feel just as great!

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Pleasure Wigs Goth Zuki Wig Brown Date Added: Saturday 22 October, 2016

by Anonymous

I have I known im gay since I was 11 years old and I was always really scared someone will find out because I been raised in Christion family. I always been told it is a sin and will be going to hell from it but I never listened to anyone because I do what makes me happy. My coming was going down hell for me, my parents kicked me out and abadened me for long time and wasn’t allowed to talk to any of my brother or sisters. Recently I decided to change bit in my life style and follow my dreams one of them is study (online) fashion which my parents are against because they believe its women work but im doing it anyway, and the I also want to be drag queen, dress up put make up on and be happy and my self. I am a bit scared of being drag queen because of the judgment from other drags and people. But I do believe I can do it and I know my own strength. I always do my make up and put my wig on in the bathroom so I don’t get caught hahah and snapchat everyone I I know even they bully me of being on who I am but at the end of the end Im happy. I do hide my make up in my room but always scared of my parents finding because they don’t trust us(kids) and go through our stuff to make sure we are what they want. I find a bit hard shopping for make up because of not knowing anything about bu I always go the high brand make up like kat von d and anastasia beverly hills which I recommend hahahh.. I will always will have the fear of being who I want to be from the bad experiences and dugment from other specially my parent even I have a avo against my step dad, hes abusive and hit me before, he also call me name as (faggot and more) but I know im much smarter than just to sit down and listen to him but one day I will be what I want to be.

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