Pjur Woman Nude

Pjur Nude, no preservatives, no glycerine, no parabens, specially designed for women

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Giving you an exceptional glide for your lovemaking or pursuits with toys, and even compatible with latex condoms, this superior, all natural lubrication from pjur is exactly what you've been looking for.


The pjur Woman Nude is a water-based lubricant made without any additives. That means there is no glycerin, oils, fats, parabens, or irritating perfumes and preservatives. It's the ideal lubrication for the sensitive skin of the intimate areas of any woman and is made to be completely taste and odour-free. It's a long lasting formula with little need for re-application and moisturises skin where it is used. It has a light and non-greasy feel that is easy to wash off of skin as well as any bedding or lingerie it may get on.


30ML   100ML


With 30 ml you'll have plenty to keep your sexual encounters slick and slippery, though a larger 100 ml size is also available for purchase. This formula has been dermatologically tried and tested to ensure that it's safe for your skin. Get ready for superior sex and play with all of your toys with the pjur Woman Nude, a sensational water-based lubrication that will soon become a staple in all your sexual endeavors.


The pjur company does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products, period!! Quality drives the business and is the reason these top quality lubricants are regarded as the best worldwide. From the selection of ingredients to the efforts put into production pjur is always will be ahead of the rest. The pjur brand is known worldwide for its reliability, safety, and superior quality and why the "Made in Germany" is an assurance of quality. There Is no other lubricant manufacturer around that goes through the rigorous quality management, testing striving to create a product that will enhance the well-being of its users.

ARTG Number : 169826.

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Pjur Woman Nude Date Added: Monday 11 January, 2016

by Chloe, Oh Zone Kogarah

What do you recommend?... Is my favourite question to be asked in this job. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that someone actually cares to know my opinion, or rather, values my opinion... So when someone asks those four simple words, I tend to gush. Whatever it is they're asking about, I guarantee I could talk about for hours, as some of you may have noticed...

When a customer is buying a toy, the next item they pick up is usually lubricant. Or if they don't reach for It themselves, they ask "Which one do you recommend?"

To this date, my favourite water based lubricant is Pjur's Nude. It is actually incredible. Unbelievable. Wondrous. Heavenly. Whatever you want it call it. It is THAT good.

When on skin, if you were none the wiser, it literally feels like natural lubrication. Soft, smooth, thin and slippery are words that come to mind.
Who isn't concerned about what is best for their body? Especially if it is something they're putting on such a sensitive area. Nobody. Every one wants to treat their body the right way. Such a lifestyle can have positive repercussions on a persons love life too! That is precisely why Pjur created Woman - Nude. Pjur Woman Nude contains no glycerin, parabens, oil, fat, perfume or preservatives! Developed especially for women with sensitive skin, it even has moisturising properties and is furthermore odorless and neutral in taste.

Their motto: for sexuality with greater awareness and without additives, because sometimes, less is more.

So treat your body right! This lubricant is definitely a catch.

Would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin, or looking for a natural feeling lubricant. But due to being waterbased, it is suitable for anyone looking to play with toys or use as in aid of lubrication.

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