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This specially formulated lubricant was designed with the female body in mind. Pjur Woman Aqua Bottle 100ml is perfect for the sensitive flesh of a womans form and leaves her tender skin feeling so delicious, it will be impossible for you and your lover not to touch. If you want to feel the ultimate pleasure this satiny liquid can bring or make your lovers delight increase dramatically, just use a few drops of the super concentrated Pjur Woman Aqua Bottle 100ml and be on the way to orgasms that will satisfy the body and blow your mind.


Its never the wrong time to massage a few drops of this exquisitely soft moisturizer into your skin. Latex and fragrance free, there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives, and no animal testing is ever used. The Pjur Woman Aqua Bottle 100ml is condom safe and can be used as often to enhance sexual intercourse.


The pjur company does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products, period!! Quality drives the business and is the reason these top quality lubricants are regarded as the best worldwide. From the selection of ingredients to the efforts put into production pjur is always will be ahead of the rest. The pjur brand is known worldwide for its reliability, safety, and superior quality and why the "Made in Germany" is an assurance of quality. There I no other lubricant manufacturer around that goes through the rigorous quality management, testing striving to create a product that will enhance the well-being of its users.

ARTG Number :169826.

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