Pjur Med Clean Spray 100 ml

Spray lotion, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial

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pjur med CLEAN is formulated for gentle, hygienic cleaning. Designed for cleaning the skin and body and exclusively intended for topical use. Ideally suited for use on sensitive skin or mucous membrane. Dermatologically tested, perfume free.Pjur Med Clean Spray 100 ml is designed for sensitive skin. It can be used on any part of your body. Simply aim your Pjur Med Clean Spray 100 ml to the desire spot and spray on the skin that you would like to clean then wipe it off with cloth if needed. This product is perfect for light cleaning. It does not create skin burning sensation. The ingredients are tested to be free of allergens. The product doesn't contain any perfume so there is no need to worry about unwanted smell.


The pjur company does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products, period!! Quality drives the business and is the reason these top quality lubricants are regarded as the best worldwide. From the selection of ingredients to the efforts put into production pjur is always will be ahead of the rest. The pjur brand is known worldwide for its reliability, safety, and superior quality and why the "Made in Germany" is an assurance of quality. There I no other lubricant manufacturer around that goes through the rigorous quality management, testing striving to create a product that will enhance the well-being of its users.

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Pjur Med Clean Spray 100 ml Date Added: Thursday 31 December, 2015

by Anonymous

When people purchase sex toys, they should also consider how to clean them because sometimes the surface of the toy can spread bacteria and cause infection. I've had a skin infection from gym equipment many years ago - a bad rash on my hand. I asked doctor, What sort of bacteria has caused this infection? He laughed, and said 'there are billions of different kind of bacteria on this planet and we still don't know most of them.' I freaked out. Imagine what sort of bacteria and infections lurk on a sex toy which is used internally?! This is why I recommend this toy cleaner! It kills -Bacteria -Viral infections -Fungal infections Most other toy cleaners only kill bacteria and can't deal with fungal or viral infections. This cleaner is Alcohol Free, so it can be used on silicone, latex, rubber in fact on any material. The one thing i like best is that you can spray it directly onto your skin and intimate areas - not just on the toy. After use of toy - All you need to do is spray the toy or your body directly and wipe clean with a cloth or gently with a paper towel. I also recommend the spray be used on the toy before use.

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