Pjur Basic Silicone Personal Lubricant

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There's nothing worse than having the wrong lube or having to deal with messy, sticky products. When you are tired of dealing with unnatural products that are more uncomfortable than helpful, Pjur Basic Silicone 100ml lube is definitely a good investment. This lube is designed to be among the safest and cleanest products on the market, giving you the perfect level of slip and slide when you're looking to get things moving and need a little.assistance.


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Lube is a necessary part of the fun for some people, and just an added helper for others, but regardless of your needs, this lube delivers time and time again. It has never been easier for you to get the most for your money when you're in the market for great lube, no matter what you have in mind. Use Pjur today and leave the mess behind.


Pjur Lubricants are some of the highest quality lubricants in the world. This German based company uses the highest ingredients to produce some of the highest quality water based, and silicone lubricants in the world. They have also produced a number of specialty lubricants that supplement a variety of uses. The Pjur brand is well known for its quality, reliability, safety and that is why the ‘Made in Germany’s statement is proudly displayed on the front of every bottle.

ARTG Number: 169826

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