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Back Door Pjur

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Pjur Back Door Comfort Serum is a special serum for impulsive, intense anal intercourse. The gel forms an invisible protective film on the skin which reduces the sensitivity without any numbing, allowing for safe, fun and “ouch” free back door fun!

Reduces sensitivity – without numbing! The pjur serums are the new revolutionary intimate products for reduction of sensitivity – without any numbing effect! Contains no lidocaine or benzocaine.

Thanks to the highly concentrated formulation and the use of film formers, pjur has succeeded in completely refraining from using any kind of numbing or anaesthetic substances. The serums do this without any loss in sensation!

They contain no preservatives and like all pjur products have no taste or odour and can be used daily! The new pjur lubricant formulation forms an invisible film on the skin which reduces the sensitivity without impairing sensations.

The effect can be felt after only 15 seconds! The protective film initially has a lubricating property, however the main task is protection and desensitization. Use any of the pjur serums with your favourite pjur lubricant to maximize your sensation!

Safe for use with condoms.

ARTG Number : 169826.

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