Pipedreams Ceramix No 05

Dong, Ceramix Dong, Purple Dong, White Dong, Phthalates Free, Waterproof, Harness Compatible, Non Realistic

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Pipedreams Ceramix No 05


This Ceramix masterpiece is a functional work of art and exquisitely sculpted to excite. The ultra smooth surface and raised textures are designed to seductively stimulate every curve and contour of your body. The tip of the massager is precisely sculpted for incredible G-Spot stimulation that is sure to trigger the most intense orgasm you'll ever have!

Ceramix Pleasure Pottery is incredible for sensual play. It's hollow and features a silicone plug at the base, allowing you to fill it with warm or cold water. The toy will heat up or cool down instantly and will retain the adapted temperature for up to 20 minutes. Fill it with warm water to give your lover a hot external massage, or ice cold water to keep you cool even when the action heats up.

Featuring a wide, harness-compatible base, turn this dildo into a strap-on with one of our Fetish Fantasy Series harnesses. Use Moist Lubricant for an extra wet and wild experience!


You have to love the quirkiness of Pipdreams Ceramix Sex Toys. The shapes and colors are whimsical but that’s not all that’s special about these sex toys. As the name implies, Ceramix is made of, you guessed it, ceramic. They aren’t the first to make ceramic sex toys but it isn’t something you see all the time. And it’s not just the material that makes them unusual. Pipedream has made the dildos and butt plugs in this line uniquely suited for temperature play. These toys are hollow inside and have silicone plugs in the base. This allows you to fill them with hot or cold water and just as your ceramic cup keeps your coffee warm, these toys will retain the temperature of the water for quite a long time.

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Pipedreams Ceramix No 05 Date Added: Friday 11 December, 2015

by Anonymous

The Ceramix collection is one of the most unique sex toy series in the market not only for its sophisticated design, but also for its features and eco-friendly condition. These two products are made from ceramics as an alternative to plastic, rubber or silicone sex toys. With natural, recyclable materials, they are both a perfect option for the most environmentally concerned, and also for everyone willing to have a new perception of pleasure. Let's first start with the the common features of these two organic handcrafted massagers. They have a ultra smooth surface and a raised texture sculptured to stimulate the contour of the most sensitive areas of the body, specially the vagina (internally and externally), the anus and the rectum. But one of the most distinctive features of these series is its hollowed design with a silicon plug at the base. This allows the user to fill it with cold, ice cold, warm or hot water. The toy will heat up or cool down retaining the temperature for 20 minutes of pleasure and strong new sensations. Moreover, both series feature a wide, harness compatible base, which turns the dildo into a strap-on for couples play. These two functional work of arts are body-safe, hypoallergenic and nonporous. They can be used with any type of lubricant and are very easy to clean with water and soap. We can now see the differences between them. On the one hand, the series 4 (light blue with white spots) has a smaller size with a 17 cm lenght and a 3.5 cm diameter, a better option for beginners and those who find bigger sizes a bit intimidating. The number 4 also has a straighter shape, which makes it perfect for clitoris and labia stimulation, however, its slightly curved head will also help stimulate on the internal G-spot. On the other hand, the series 5 (purple) has a bigger size with a 19.5 cm lenght and a 4.4 diameter, a great massager to reach the G-spot and stimulate it with its larger curved head. I think this is a great option for an original, beautiful and pleasurable Christmas present. The design is unique, beautiful and super discreet, the quality is incredible, and the material is smooth and sleek. This is type of toy that makes the nasty play beautiful and delicate. I would never hide in a drawer... I would show it to all!!!

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