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Pipedream Mini Fuck Me Silly

The Pipedream Extreme Mini Fuck Me Silly is the world's top of the line super stroker which has the capacity to be a travel companion with its hand-held travel size outline. This masturbator is exceptionally developed from thermoplastic elastomer material which provides for it the sensible composition and feel of a genuine vagina and rear-end.

In view of its ergonomic and exceedingly adaptable outline, this rich stroker is suitable for most penis sizes and comprises of an appearance of a lady's uncovered vaginal region which is effortlessly entered when utilized. Emphasizing a beige skin shading appearance which resembles the genuine article, this grown-up sex toy can be utilized as a part of a wide range of routes for the all the more harsh play, and has the capacity offer simple cleaning with a Toy Cleaner and warm water.

As a result of its phthalates free outline, it advances included security for your penis when utilized while offering no dangers.

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Pipedream Mini Fuck Me Silly Date Added: Monday 18 April, 2016

by Anonymous

How do you define the popular guy... charismatic, funny, confident, larger then life, fun. Well unfortunately for me, I'm completely the opposite of that. My names Gary, and I work 60 hours a week for an It company where I have luckily enough moved my way up the ranks to a senior management position. You'd think at the age of 28, apartment in the city, fast cars and enough money that can feed me for 10 lifetimes that I would be able to have someone to share all this with. I don't. In fact I suck when it comes to talking to women, let alone being able to progress to second base or even first. I sat in the office one night just pondering on what I should do, I don't want to resort to dating sites and I've become extremely sexually frustrated that my hand does not do it for me anymore. I don't really want to go to a brothel or a massage parlour because I just feel like they are in it for the money more then the service (Yes I have been before). A colleague of mine suggested I try the local adult store to get some idea's on how I can really get rid of this sexual frustrations, I mean if anyone can help me it has to be the person behind the counter who deals with peoples sexual problems and desires day in and day out. I used Google to find the best one in Sydney, turns out it was only 20 minutes from the CBD.

I freed up some time in the week just to visit this store, great reviews with barely any negatives. I Turn up and just start chatting with the guy behind the counter, now what a guy I must admit. He was the popular type, chatty, confident in himself and had a great sense of humour. We started talking about male masturbators and I was getting so much information out of him. He recommended all these different products and then I laid eyes on this on big box on the ground. Now the name kind of caught me off guard. Who seriously calls a product "Fuck Me Silly"? That does not matter because it was the finest bottom I have laid my eyes on. It was plump, it was round, it looked soft and then I asked the guy and he told me it was soft because it was made out of high end silicone. He took it out of the box for me and let me put gloves on to feel it. I touched it and I knew I had to have it. Before I asked how much I said ill take it and gave him my credit card. My loneliness was soon to come to an end, with a very happy ending. He wrapped it back up and I took it home. To formulate a picture in you're mind it is like a big ghetto booty like the ones you see the strippers have on television. I took it back to my apartment and found a nice place for it on my bed, I don't really want to go into the details about my stroke patterns or how long I lasted but I have to admit I was not shy or awkward at all with it. I know it is just silicone but I treated it like it was real and the experience was amazing.

The "Fuck Me Silly" silicone masturbator although people may laugh at the fact I have one, it completely boosted my sexual confidence. I started to practice on it in my spare time (not that I get much) but I perfected my strokes, how long I would last, my thought process while having sex. While at the office I started to make conversation with more women, asking tips and advice how to dress better, style trends, I cut my workload by 15% and improved by productivity by 25% so that I would get more done in less hours. The boost that the "Fuck Me Silly" doll gave my sexual confidence is phenomenal. I am much more confident in my own skin and I have a large silicon bottom to thank for that.

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