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Buzz Metallic Nipple Clamps


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Let these nipple clamps give your nipples a little or a big pinch. These versatile broad-tip clamps are an amazing item that will provide an adjustable pressure to ensure an enjoyable nipple clamp experience. With the addition of a one speed vibrating bullet on each clamp, they will also send a fabulous buzz through your nipples. Wow, what a pair!

With adjustable pinchers you can grab on to your nipples with just a light touch or tighten them up to create a snug powerful sensation. Once all pinched up, you can heighten the fun by pressing the black button on the bullet to send an orgasmic one speed buzz through your nipples.

With a bullet on each clamp weighing 45g, take advantage of gravity as the weight of the bullet will heighten your fun.  Enhance your bedroom bondage play with these adjustable nipple clamps. Suitable for both men and women.


Bullet Length:2.25 inches (5.7cm)
Maxpassion is the fun brand. They strive to bring passion to the bedroom for couples, solo fun and everything in between, introducing excitement to your intimate moments is their aim. Maxpassion products encompass a wide range of styles and interests from anal play, couples play, clitoral and external stimulation, and as such they make great adult toys for beginners and first timers. Let Maxpassion experience and know how bring joy and passion to your next bedroom adventure

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Maxpassion Pinch Me Buzz Nipple Clamps Date Added: Thursday 11 February, 2016

by Anonymous

Rejection isn't nice, it is an emotion that non of us should experience let alone have to live through however it does happen in this day in age, weather it be if someone does not like you're selfie or the girl at the bar walks away after you buy her a drink. Anways abit off topic but what i was trying to imply was that you can't and when i say can't i mean life or death can't NEGLECT THE NIPPLES!!!!

The nipples for both males and females are a sensitive part of our anatomy, sometimes i think why did God put these little things on here, I mean mine look like chewed up gum but they still go sensitive when i am aroused. Females nipples go especially sensitive when they are aroused generally going larger in size due to the blood flow being rushed to that area.

So how can we increase the stimulation to these beautiful, pointy little mountains on our breasts, pecks and man boobs? Easy. Vibrating nipple clamps are a fantastic option to add to you're sexual arsenal especially these easy to use clamps that are so simple that all you have to do is clamp them onto you're nipples and turn them on. This will be extra stimulating due to you're nipples being extra sensitive when they are aroused.

Now the only down fall to be honest is the bullet is a cheaper quality meaning it will not last as long however it still has a strong vibration. These are fantastic clamps for short term use such as holidays and weekends away or even one night tinder stands..

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