Petal Sheer Intimate Wear

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Petal Intimate Pink and Black Lingerie

Ella Bidoe

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This sheer clinging pink and black lingerie piece has beautiful floral design fashioned into the nylon.  As delicate and precious as a petal it will show your innocent sensual charm to your lover.  Exquisite black featured material around the bust makes this a special Ella Bidoe Lingerie piece that will stand the test of time.


The petal designs on this outfit just make it magnficent. Combining the pink and the black reminds you that you can not only play innocent and seductive but that within that sweetness there can be an explosive wickedness.


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Ella Bidoe has created an extensive range of stylish and beautiful lingerie. They’re a company that understands the importance of lingerie and have done their best to create an affordable and beautiful range that suits all sorts of body shapes, body’s and unique styles.

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