Perfect Fit Cruiser Ring 2.5 inch

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Perfect Fit

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That perfect cock ring that you hoped for is now a reality. Not too soft, and not too hard, it's just the perfect fit. The super stretchy silaskin and beefy 2.5 Inch Cruiser cock ring will fit men of any size, length and girth. The Cruiser is super easy to put on, just stretch the ring between your fingers with each hand and simply pull it over your entire cock and balls. You won't believe how comfortable the Cruiser feels and makes sex much more enjoyable.


The Cruiser design comes in two blends (materials), SilaSkin which is our proprietary blend of TPR and Silicone for a gentle squeeze; and PF Blend which is for guys who like a more snug fit. The Cruiser is safe with water based lubes. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. The Siliskin version comes in black and opaque white and the PF Blend comes in ice clear.



Distinguishing itself from the myriad of "typical" men's sexuality products available, Perfect Fit Brand products are creative, technologically innovative, and consider men's sexual pleasure from all sides - straight, gay, trans, solo, and couples. Its approach to providing products which not only produce pleasure, but consider men's sexual health, is one of the many reasons why PFB is a proven leader in the pleasure products market and CBT.


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Perfect Fit Cruiser Ring 2.5 inch Date Added: Thursday 14 January, 2016

by Dean, Essendon

The patented sila-skin by perfect fit is my favourite cockring to recommend. I love the stretch and super soft texture. The super soft texture is thanks to a silicone TPR blend. I really like this cockring because its super stretchy and easy to recommend to anybody who isn't too happy to share or is unsure of what size they are. The marshmallowesque softness is perfect for first time users as it isn't too intimidating especially when it is worn around the penis and testicles. It is an adorable little tyre for your penis! The cruiser feels as though it has a sort of powedery coating which is great for avoiding any hair pulling or catching for the au naturale users. The cruiser should be snug fitting so that it can restrict the blood flow out making for increased size and in some people can heighten the sensations.They are are roughly 21mm wide, 22mm thick with a 20mm diameter centre hole and 62mm outside diameter.After quick research I've come to find that the cruiser comes in sila-skin or a PF blend! The PF blend doesn't match up to the softness of the sila-skin which is great for the guy looking for a more snug fit.Perfect fit also suggest the use of all types of lubricants are safe with this ring!

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