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Planning a party? Then you better grab a pack of Pecker Party Lights if you want it to be a blast! These penis shaped party lights are great for adding some lighting while keeping in theme with your naughty or playful party. Party lights give your party certain ambiance, like suddenly your house turns into a happenin' club.  To get the right lighting for the mood you want to set, you are going to have to choose what type of lights to get.


        Christmas lights are always warm and comforting, like a laid-back lounge.  If you get a string of all one color, choose something that's light enough for people to see where their drinks are.  Also, Christmas lights make great decoration because they are inexpensive!  Get some disco lights or a strobe for a dance club type feel.  If you pair the strobe lights with a party light, it won't be too extreme and it will add color to the room.  If you're just looking for something decorative and fun, try some Penis Party Lights.
HUA Novelties is all about fun. Safe, and risqué fun that is bound to bring a smile onto everyone’s faces. HUA novelties specializes in unique presents, gag gifts, and for those seeking to have a little fun around the workplace or home. HUA know how to create jokes and gags, and you’re going to love both the product and the reaction! 

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