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The PalmPower is an incredibly powerful body wand that fits into the palm of your hand. An incredibly powerful and versatile body massaging adult toy. Wash the pains of the day away! Don't let its petite size fool you into thinking that this doesn't have the staying power. Feel the power of it in your hand and experience the sensation yourself - it won't be long before you realise its invigorating, strong and surprisingly relaxing power and understand why this product is loved around the world. PalmPower also comes with a 100% silicone massaging head which is removable and able to accommodate different massaging heads for new sensations and what's more - is that you can get differing heads for it as well to truly customise your experience!


Let the power be with your palm! This soothing palm power massager provides you with super charged vibrations that will let you relax your whole body. Just plug it in!


BMS Factory is a Candian Luxury Toy company that has been producing quality toys for over 8 years in the adult toy market. Having a retail division as well allows them to be in a position where they directly understand what customers need, want and expect. BMS delivers quality products in their PalmPower range, and they deliver a small, compact bodywand that blows their larger counterparts out of the water. PalmPower is certainly a bodywand you do not want to pass up.

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Palm Power Massager Date Added: Wednesday 18 November, 2015

by Chloe, Kogarah

the Palm Power Wand.
It is a flexible wand styled vibrator which we sell in 2 different styles - one of which is powered by the wall and one which is rechargable. The wand has a plastic handle with a body safe silicone head(s). The head can be removed for easy cleaning as well as being replaced by the 7 other styles of heads that we sell separately (some are pictured/linked below). The different wand variations of heads that we sell in our stores include Palm Bliss, Embrace, Pleasure, Body and Sensual. The Palm Power Wand furthermore doubles as an extremely powerful massager.

The Palm Power is powered by a simple on/off button, which is then held down to increase the strength of the power until desired vibration is achieved. I like to tell people that the idea is that as they start to orgasm, they're going to hold the handle tighter, furthermore pushing the button harder with is going to increase the strength even more.

What I love about it:
- The power/strength
- The option to change heads... with all the detachables its like 9 toys in one!
- The toy comes with a 12 month warranty
- It's an easy to operate toy (one button use)

Over all, including my opinion of the toy I give the Palm Power a score of 8.5/10.

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