Palm Body Silicone Massager Heads

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These accessories are designed to compliment your Palm Power Massager with the attachments targeting your Body. These 100% silicone attachments add more versatility and options to your PalmPower Massager The PalmBody set includes 2 attachments when used with PalmPower will help to alleviate your stress and provide and invigorating massage on areas that are usually overlooked! People around the world have enjoyed the envigorating power of the palm massager and with these added attachments each time can be a new and different experience.  



· PalmFinger: The Palm finger is the attachment that has its two arms slightly closer together - almost in a pinching like fashion. This attachment is designed to relax every muscle in your fingers and on the palm of your hand. The two tall 'fingers' have a gently pointed tip for massaging fingers, toes, palms and nipples. You can also use this particular to massage the genitals externally as well.


· PalmCurve: The curve has the two wider arms, and appears to be more flat than it's coutnerpart. The attachment has two rounded edges to glide over your arm, legs and body for a truly magnificent massage and is specificially designed for curved parts of the body.


BMS Factory is a Candian Luxury Toy company that has been producing quality toys for over 8 years in the adult toy market. Having a retail division as well allows them to be in a position where they directly understand what customers need, want and expect. BMS delivers quality products in their PalmPower range, and they deliver a small, compact bodywand that blows their larger counterparts out of the water. PalmPower is certainly a bodywand you do not want to pass up.

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