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Learn about adultsmart adult shop, our mission statement, service guarantees and where it all began.

Mission Statement

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Provide quality products at reasonable prices without compromising on service.

Adultsmart Guarantees

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We will treat all our customers with respect and courtesy. We will not discriminate race, religion or sexuality. We will provide the best quality service. We will listen and learn from our customers. We will answer all queries honestly.


Adultsmart was launched in 2010 by RMV Management Pty Ltd (RMV). The directors of RMV have been involved in the adult industry for 30 years. They have owned and operated businesses in Australia, South Africa and the United States.

The focus changed from brick and mortar adult shops in 2010 to online e-commerce sex shops servicing orders globally. Adultsmart the new online sexual wellness store was made named established in Australia.

Our Products

Adultsmart sells over 13,000 adult lifestyle products for men, women, couples and people of all sexualities from over 250 brands. The brands in stock range from luxury, household and niche designers who are highly sought after. Some of our well-known brands include Fun Factory, Tantus, We-Vibe, LELO, Jimmyjane, Fleshlight and Andrew Christian. Some of our niche brands include Hells Couture, BDStyle, Rosebuds and Demoniq.

We know that people have different spending habits. Some days you may want to buy a couple of products and other days you may want to buy a lot. No matter what you decide, we have products that are available made from high quality materials and functionality with affordable price points. Since Adultsmart is an online sex toy store, we are able to pass the discounts on to you with some of the cheapest prices that are found worldwide.

We also believe that no two people are the same. To us, this means that different products benefit different people this is why we have a large selection of products that are available. With a large range you can find something that will suit your personal needs whether that’s for date night, special occasions like Birthdays and Valentine’s Day or just because you can! At Adultsmart you will be able to find:

  • Sex Toys : Products include anal sex toys, cock rings, dildos, love eggs, jiggle balls, vibrators, sex kits, strapons, VR headsets, penis enlargers and so much more. Sex toys and sexual health aids benefit people by empowering you to take control of your sexual lifestyle. Orgasming releases endorphins in your body which helps to reduce pain and stress. Sex Toys help to increase arousal through heightened levels of stimulation, they assist people remotely who are in long term relationships, they make solo masturbation and sex easier which takes away the pressure to perform, they help your lover and you to learn about how your body works, they bring new experiences to the bedroom, they can assist with sexual dysfunction issues and are easily transportable.

  • Lingerie And Costumes : Lingerie, underwear and costumes are available for people who would like to enhance their natural physique which will help improve their self-confidence. Lingerie can also be bought as a special present for a lover.

  • BDSM And Fetish Gear : BDSM and Fetish gear is available for people who would like to indulge in their fantasies, fetishes and kinks. Participating in BDSM activities helps to improve the communication of sexual desires, increases levels of intimacy by exploring sexual fantasies with a lover and improves mental health by understanding or acknowledging a lover’s fetish.

  • Lubes And Products For Better Sex : Sexual health aids will help to improve your sexual lifestyle. Products range from arousal oils, condoms. delay sprays, douches, enemas, lubricants, pheromones and sex toy cleaner.

  • Novelties And Games : Celebrate special occasions like Bachelorette and Bucks nights with novelty party favours, games, clothing, gifts and decorations. Some games offer valuable information and tips on sex performance techniques to spice up thing in the bedroom.

  • Specials : Adultsmart has daily specials, the products that you find in this section include “outdated stock” that has newer versions available and stock that has been discontinued. You can definitely take advantage of these specials because there isn’t anything wrong with these products! They may just be missing a new feature that was added to a new version.

  • Uncut DVDs : Adultsmart has a separate online shop named XVIDEO where you can make all your adult movie purchases.

We understand that people have a variety of interests and tastes. Although we stock a large range of products if you are interested in something which isn’t listed on our website, you should definitely contact us because if you are interested it may mean that a lot of other people may be interested to!

Our Service

Since 2016, online community Trustpilot have completed over 210 reviews on Adultsmart’s services and have ranked us in high regards. On Trustpilot you will be able to find honest reviews that have been made by real people with customers saying:

  • “ Satisfaction Guaranteed. I found the site easy to navigate and found what I wanted easily. The service was prompt with delivery in 3-4 days. I think the products are well priced and the packaging discrete. I happily recommend this site, to all who are looking for adult products.” - Joan

  • “ Awesome product, fair pricing and super-fast shipping. Total shipping time to Mississauga, Ontario Canada was 11 days from the time of the order being placed. As a customer, I will be returning to Adultsmart for future purchases. I would also recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for the courteous professional service.” – John

  • “ Great price and fast delivery. What more could you ask for! ” – Daniel

When it comes to Adultsmart, you aren’t just buying a product. You are buying a customer service experience which includes support before you order your product and support after you have purchased your product. This is why Adultsmart has made it extremely easy to gain access to our Customer Service Department who will respond to you in a timely manner. We understand that you have a busy lifestyle this is why there are different ways you are able to contact us:

  • Phone Call : You can phone customer service for advice, purchasing help and product support.

  • Email : You can email customer service directly, this is especially useful if the enquiry or order has a lot of details

  • Contact Form : You can access the “Contact Us” page where you will find a Contact Form that can be filled out and sent directly to Adultsmart.

  • Online Webchat : You can access Online Webchat which is great if you would like on the spot support where customer service responds in real time. Online Webchat is available on every page of the online shop.

If you need product information or help choosing a product, contact customer service who will help you to find out what your best options are that are suited to your personalized tastes. We do our very best to provide the highest levels of customer service support so that you can get most out of your time.

We always work on enhancing the experience of shopping at Adultsmart by reviewing the feedback we receive from customers. Customer service reviews are followed up and resolved to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken with honesty and complete transparency. Customer reviews are valued and used constructively to learn how to improve the shopping experience so that you gain the best results each and every time you shop. Any changes to Adultsmart’s products and services that are offered are clearly published and freely accessible to customers. We love to take care of our customers and we want you to love your experience as well!

Our Warehouse

Adultsmart’s main warehouse is located in Peakhurst, NSW Australia and a secondary warehouses is situated in Kogarah. This is where all the products are stocked for picking, packing and shipment. The main warehouse is spaced out over three floors for complete quality control. The first level is dedicated to warehousing - packing and picking stock, the second level is a showroom display for visiting clients and the third level is administration.

Adultsmart’s Warehouse’s has a huge storage system with thousands of shelves and pallet racking all mapped our with software that helps speed up the picking process. The processing of the orders is completed with expertise, it all starts when the Warehouse receives an order from a customer. The staff carefully pick and pack the products into a plain parcels or boxes for discrete shipment. When the warehouse closes Adultsmart’s shipping services pick up all the orders on a daily and sometimes twice daily basis. The orders are tracked from the time it is sorted to the time they arrive at their shipping destination.

Our Stores

Adultsmart operates a variety of online and physical sex toy stores which include:

Online Sex Toy Store

Adultsmart is an online sex toy store that people are able to access from anywhere in the world. It has recently went through an update to improve customer satisfaction to ensure your experience is as effortless as possible. Online sex toy stores are a great way for people to view what products are available to buy, see pictures of the product from different angles, read information about the product like what material it is made from, the dimensions, what functionality the product has and whether the product comes with manufacturer’s warranty so that you are able to replace it if there is a manufacturing fault. The online sex toy store allows you complete freedom to follow what products are in your shopping cart and you can choose which payment methods you are most comfortable with.

The front page is also where you are able to find what has recently been added to the store. It is user friendly where you can use the search box to enter data so that you are able to look for a specific product, there is a shopping cart were you can easily view the products you are planning to purchase that allows you to update quantities and remove products. The total prices are automatically calculated including shipping prices.

A good way to understand if you are making the right purchase is to look at the customer reviews to find out what other people have experienced when they have used this product. This way you can compare different sex toys to find out which one would suit you the best.

Adultsmart offers shipping locally with Auspost and Startrack services and shipping internationally with DHL services. Free shipping is offered to Australian customers on orders over $200. International shipping is available at incredibly affordable prices and is sometimes cheaper than the prices that are charged in their local destination. International prices are automatically calculated by Adultsmart’s website during the ordering process so customers know exactly how much they will be spending.

Physical Sex Toy Stores

Adultsmart also operates physical sex toy stores named Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres that are located in Kogarah, Caringbah and Penrith in Australia. They are safe spots for people within the LGBTQIA community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Asexual/Agender/Aromantic) who are in distress or in need of emergency help. The customer service staff are professionally trained, they can help you find products that suit your personal needs and answer any questions that you may have.

Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres ensure that your shopping experience is incredibly discrete. Their store locations in Kogarah and Penrith are located up a set of stairs and the store at Kogarah is situated away from main shopping districts. Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres also have an adult movie DVD program where if you buy 8 DVDs you can get the 9th one for free. Ensure you ask the consultant from a card which they will stamp for you each and every time you make an adult movie purchase.

The Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah is considered to be the biggest Oh Zone in Australia (It is quite possibly one of the biggest adult lifestyle centres in Australia). This megastore has over 400 square metres of space with an extremely large selection of products available! The store has a ramp for disability access and there is a lot of space inside to comfortably have a look around. There are no stairs inside and the megastore and the floor is completely on flat ground.

It is a great store to visit if you are unsure of which products you would like to buy, since there are so many to choose from you cannot go wrong. You will be able to find products displayed beautifully on shelves, hooks and inside clear glass cabinets. Take as much time as you need to browse the shelves and there are comfortable areas for when you would like to take a break.

Our Blog

Adultsmart runs a sex toy blog which publishes at least one article a day. The main focus of the blog is to provide only the best original content available about sexual health, wellness and lifestyle topics. The articles include personal stories, opinions, a wealth of professional knowledge and factual information. It is a free information resource on sex toy reviews, erotic stories, events, relationship advice, company interviews, sexual health, LGBTQIA issues, BDSM, fetishes, news and so much more! Here there are no boundaries! We pride ourselves in providing honest articles that shed light on important topics to raise awareness on these issues within the community. The bloggers are consultants who work in Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, sexual wellness professionals and contributors from the community.

Reviews published can be used to find out what you need to know about the items we stock! The reviews are incredibly down to earth and go into great detail about the features and functionality of the product. You will be able to learn new ways on how to get the most of your products.

VIP interviews with designers who have created sex toys, sexual health products, lingerie, costumes, games and novelty items. Reading the interviews allows you to learn about the companies that we love from the very person who has built it. We also interview sex therapists, sexologist, educators, dating experts, relationship coaches, sexual lifestyle professionals, website owners and bloggers! No matter the sexual health, wellness and lifestyle area that these industry leaders have specialized in they are all welcome to have their say on the blog. See who we have worked with!

Adultsmart’s Blog lists events, activities and workshops to enhance your skills and techniques or meet likeminded people within the community. This is so that you will be able to find what is happening in your local area. If you would like to, you are also able to add your own event to this list for free! The location of the event also remains in our event directory so that people can find you in the future.

If you have time it has its very own erotic stories which are all originally written. You are able to explore Taiwan and Singapore as you follow the journeys of traveling expats and locals explore their deepest and darkest desires or you can explore fetish literature! We are continually expanding our selection of erotic literature so that there will be something for everyone. If there is an erotic story that you would like written up, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Our Social Networks

We are located on social network including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and Vimeo. Be sure to follow us to keep up to date with the latest shopping news, discount and special offers! Our social networks are an important aspect of keeping in contact with the community and you. Feel free to like, comment and subscribe to any of your pages.

We are thankful for the time that you have taken to read about Adultsmart’s commitment to providing the best quality products and services. We hope to continue to build a community within the sexual lifestyle, health and wellness industry that always continues to grow and improve. If you have any further questions or comments be sure to contact us.

  • Free delivery Australia wide when you spend $200 or more and we'll ship your order for free.

  • Plain discreet packaging. Invoice will read "RMV Management" only. Our return PO Box as sender.

  • We ship worldwide with auto currency calculator and automatic shipping charge calculator.