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Play around and lock up your lover with these great and naughty “Prison Legcuffs. The locking mechanism has a quick-release button in case you lose both keys.

- Material: Metal

Dimensions: 7.4" x 4.76" x 1.38"



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OUCH! Prison Legcuffs Metal Date Added: Tuesday 18 August, 2015

by Marinos, Warhope

Ouch Prison legcuffs are specially designed to enhance romantic fun. Adultsmart provided me a set for this review. These cuffs enhance romantic fun facilitated by the fact that one can readily and comfortably lock up a partner in playful manner while enjoying romantic moments. Consequently, these legcuffs are ideal for adding more fun in the bedroom and spicing up sex life in a creative manner. Some of the primary features of these handcuffs and legcuffsinclude that they are made using strong but light metal. This makes them comfortable while locked on the ankle or wrist. The metal used to make these legcuffs also ensures that they are adequately durable and as a result they can be used for a long time without wearing out. These legcuffs also do not have sharp edges there meaning they cannot injure the person wearing them. To enhance comfort while wearing these legcuffs they just weigh one hundred and ninety grams which means they are light enough where even the person wearing them hardly feels their weight. Furthermore, these legcuffs come in a standard size which allows them to comfortably fit on ankles and hands of different sizes. This provides freedom for both large and small people to use them conveniently. These legcuffs also come with two keys which are meant to help unlock them in case one of the key is misplaced. The locking mechanism on these legcuffs is also endowed with a quick release button which is useful in case both the keys are misplaced. As a result, users of these legcuffs do not have to worry about losing the key. These Ouch Prison legcuffs are also suitable because they are made by a company that has a reputation of making quality products. This means that by buying these legcuffs one is assured of getting a quality product. The importance of this is that it gives users of these legcuffs confidence that they are getting full value for their money. The legcuffs are available in an attractive color which is suitable for enhancing romance for both men and women. Therefore, they can be used on either a man or a woman depending on the agreement. These legcuffs are confirmed to be safe and effective in improving sex lives since they have been authenticated by the relevant regulating authorities. They have also been endorsed by professionals and celebrities who only endorse quality products. This provide users with assurance that they are only using quality legcuffs which can be used even by people with sensitive skins since the legcuffs do not have harmful substances. Almost everyone has a chance to spice up his or her sex life through using these particular legcuffs since they are readily available. People who need to acquire these legcuffs can buy them online from adultsmart which is a more private method compared to traditional methods. All what one needs is to place an order and the legcuff shall be delivered as requested. While purchasing online one gets to view a variety of images of these beautiful legcuffs without having to be exposed to the public. This is important especially to partners who prefer their romantic life to remain private. To affirm how these legcuffs are genuine, one should read reviews and check on the internet. This is because there are many reviews and testimonials of people who have enjoyed using the legcuffs. Amongst these people are people who had boring sexual lives before improving through using the legcuffs. However, to purchase the handcuffs or legcuffs one must have reached the legal age limit of 18 years of age. This is because the legcuffs are meant to be used in sexual activities. It is evident that Ouch Prison handcuffs are ideal for people who would like to have more enjoyable sex lives. This is because they add more fun and excitement therefore making intimate sessions more memorable. People might decide to use them just as a way of trying new things while other can use them with hopes of improving rather boring sex lives. This means that they provide more options when it comes to keeping sex life more enjoyable. The legcuffs are straight forward and therefore using them is simple where one does not even need to read any instructions. The fact that they are comfortable and made of a suitable size makes them even more ideal. Furthermore, the fact that they are made using durable materials means that they can be used for ages without experiencing problems. The two keys and a quick release button make them more convenient to use. Therefore, Ouch Prison handcuffs and legcuffs are helpful in making intimate sessions more enjoyable and exciting and I highly recommend them for people wanting to experience BDSM play.

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