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When it comes to dames and knights - the knights have always been men with the dames always been women. There are actually very few female knight costumes which is surprising when you consider the success of Super Heroes such as Wonder Woman, an Amazonian trained warrior with a knight and a shield.


Whilst this is not the Wonder Woman costume, it can be used for a themed superhero party, a Game of Thrones themed party, or for a period piece themed party.


The dress is silver and black metallic dress that has been adorened with Sequin appliques. There is a strategically placed zipper along the skirt which allows for the dress to go from either being an ankle length dress, or you can remove the mesh skirt and have sexily short.Once unzipped the skirt can even be worn as a cape if you desired. To finish the outfit, it comes with a headpiece and wrist gauntlets.


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