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The Onanie Impression is a dual-layer onahole designed to be more stimulating than the First Ona Pocket.
The bottle shaped design is to give more tightness at the beginning.
The opening is small for a tight entry and lotion retaining.

Passed the opening to find a set of directional ribs targeting every in stroke.
The rest of the tunnel is a 3D design alternating between ribs and nubs with "choke points".
The space in the back half of the tunnel provides a better suction feeling when you squeeze the air out of the tunnel when inserting.

The dual-layer design allow a softer material on the outside but a more stimulating material on the inside.
Hyper OnaHole comes with a PEPEE sample lotion to get you started right away and a storage bag for use after you're done.
Open the box up at the push open location and along the perforated line to reveal the lovely topless picture of Amami Tsubasa requesting you to give her full-bukkake action!

The overall length and width of this item is about 5 inches by 2 inches.


Japan is the land of quality products and King Maturbators continues to add to their lineup with collaboration between high profile companies and some of the most popular stars in Japan.  JAV porn stars are lining up for these real feel masturbators that start from the famous onahole up to full sized replica’s of these gorgeous Asian women buttons and other intimate body parts. Exe Strokers also manufactures top line Japanese sex toys and fascinated by the innovative spirit of Japanese adult toy makers bringing Japans erotic wonderland to the rest of the world.  Using market surveys to research on a daily basis new product ideas, inventions and product launches.


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