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ON For Her Ultra


On Arousal ULTRA is perfect for women who prefer a stronger arousal response. Of the three arousal gels for her by Sensuva Lite, Original and Ultra, it is the Ultra which is the strongest of the three.  When you want more, this is the clitoral gel that's going to give you more. If you're after the strongest clitoral arousal gel on the market thats made from natural ingrediants then this is the one for you.


On Arousal Original was the first of its kind, and known for known for its unique sensation. However some women were searching for something a litle more intense so in response Sensuva have developed ON Arousal ULTRA.


This product produces several sensations, from an immediate warming effect, then followed by a tingling pulsing vibration designed to aid arousal and moistening, and causing more a more satisfactory orgasmic experience. Some women have described this as the ultimate third level of orgasm!


Sensuva ON is an American Based company who describes their mission as a dedication towards helping both men and women have more active, healthier and more passionate lives. They have created an extensive, and growing, collection of sexual health products using original formulas and made from body safe, healthy ingredients which include natural botanicals and essential oils and extracts.

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