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You will feel really incredible after you get closer to her.  Touch the Body Wand Massager is one of the newest and most advanced Odeco vibrators and a great sex toy and massager. Having five highly sensitive bands running down the shaft makes it extremely easy for user to enjoy seven different vibrations in the clitoral stimulator. You can also enjoy both touch vibration and manually operation modes, depends on what you like. The deep penetration and powerful intuitively stimulation abilities of this touch vibrator have delighted even the hardest to please. So don’t hesitate to collect this faddish toys in your hand bag.





When you want to glam up your sex toy collection Odeco Adult Toys will delight and please you with their innovative designs and vibrant color selection. Easy to use and body safe these pleasure products are going to amaze you with the ability to hit just that right spot that is going to send you over to a place of sizzling ecstacy. With great pricing available at this adultshop online you get yours now and discover a new and exciting play friend.

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Odeco Touch Silicone Body Wand Date Added: Tuesday 08 December, 2015

by Anonymous

The touch vibe has two base functions. We will call it 'touch mode' and 'standard mode'. You can switch between the two modes by pressing and holding the little button with the triangle when the toy is turned on. In standard mode the toy functions like a normal vibrator, you push the button it changes settings from low, medium to high and then a series of pulses. The touch setting however is a little different. Switch it to the touch setting and the toy lights up but doesn't vibrate - when you touch the shaft the light at the base will change to a different colour and then it'll vibrate. How it vibrates depends on the shaft - on my toy if i touched it down near the base it would pulse, the middle of the shaft would vibrate on high, the head of the shaft would vibrate on low. This can create some new funky patterns. It doesn't have to be inserted to register - just running it along your arm will cause it to register that it's being touched and it will vibrate accordingly. Another benefit of this is that if you live in a busy household, and need a few minutes you can use this vibrator - the second you take it away from contact it shuts off. Again the motor of this vibrator is in the head of the shaft for some nice vibrations.

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