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Ergonomicaly designed with the view of trying to imitate natures natural energy and raw power design like a natural plant or leaf.  It will release your deepest and darkest desires giving you inner peace and tranquility.  But... should you so desire turn up the powerful vibration unit to take you to another world.


Relax and indulge in carnal pleasures that will spoil you, tantallize you and ensure that the temptation to use Eros O Zone vibrator for women will keep you cuming.. again and again and again....


Imagine that you entered the forest and searched for a natural plant that meets your deepest desire for peace... Then your finger stops at a leaf. The sudden vibration takes you into a completely different world...Just release yourself totally and indulge into the pleasure you get afterwards. Let yourself be spoiled, you will soon  relax and will never be able to resist the temptation again!


Eros is a 6 speed silicone rechargeable vibrator that can be worn in your panties and used as a massager. The contoured, nature inspired leaf shape is perfect for nuzzling in all your hot spots, providing pinpoint clitoral stimulation or comfortably sitting between your legs for mass coverage. It's ergonomic shape and silky smooth silicone outer also lends itself perfectly to massage your curves. Turning the most innocent massage erotic! The whisper-soft motor inside the smooth shell keeps your pleasure private while the waterproof body means the fun can be truly extended into nature. Slip in your panties and go public, nobody will ever know your secret! A truly versatile toy! Being rechargeable there's no need for batteries. Simply plug in, charge and go!

Size : 7×40×30 mm


Fully rechargeable!!!



Pleasure is the business of Odeco Sex Toys who have been manufacturing adult toys for more than 7 years. All the best adult shops stock Odeco with their modern vibrant colors and multiple speed and mode vibrators. Ergonomically designed with a chic twist these intimate pleasure devices will ensure a holistic release of pent up sexual frustrations bringing joy to the user and their partner. Great for solo or couples play bring Odeco home to your bedroom tonight!

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Odeco Leaf Eros Vibe Date Added: Saturday 06 August, 2016

by Anonymous

Terrific value an very strong.

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