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Hedone is a fully waterproof rechargeable vibrator for women.  With Odeco's great eye for style and innovation you will love the soft silky smooth sillicone 100% body safe material.  For the price of a good bottle of wine you can have years of sexual enjoyment which makes this a bargain any which way you look at it.

Even if you use it once a week for a year it will equate to less than $1 an orgasm and how can you not say that is the bargain of the century.  Don't delay and get your little bit of sexual freeing Hedone now.

This is a truly innovative and versatile toy that suits any type of stimulation you may be desiring at any particular moment, from G-spot  to clitoral. This toy has it all! It has the exact shape you need to reach your destination of pleasure.  Waterproof and rechargeable it is a winner, suitable for any user...


Be amazed at what great quality Odeco sex toys are.

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Odeco Hedone Silicone Date Added: Friday 14 October, 2016

by Anonymous

Hi guys, recently my friend had a birthday and I thought, knowing her and given the fact that I work in the adult industry I would be no kind of friend if I didn't get her a cool sex toy as a gift. The problem, of course, is too much choice, and it's so much worse when you actually sell the things every day because you know way too many of them are good options! At least as a customer you generally will have a limited time to think about them and certain things will jump out at you at firs glance. So admitting I couldn't afford to spend my whole paycheck, I had to narrow things down, and I knew she would be opening the gift in front of friends so there was a certain limit to what kind of toy it could be but also I wanted it to be a recognisable sex toy so that it would also get a giggle of appreciation from the crowd and would be something that would reflect really well on our store too in a crowd of mostly twenty-something women. I decided against steel and glass simply because vibrations are a bit more obvious and I wasn't sure if she had been introduced to those materials in a sex toy before.

After looking at and testing many different toys I settled on the Odeco Hedone rabbit vibrator so I thought I would tell you why.

First impressions count, and it is beautiful, with a curly kind of shape to it, it comes in three colours - black, pink and purple, three of the most popular colours with women. The material is medical grade silicone so i know it's totally bodysafe which is always an important consideration especially when buying for someone else, and the finish is matte, velvety and very much like the luxury brand vibes but at a much more affordable price. It is also rechargeable like the higher end vibes and waterproof, with multiple functions and a comfortable handle. It's super quiet and has really quite strong vibrations.

What made this reeeally stand out from other rabbit style vibes in my view was firstly that it is shaped much better for g spot stimulation than most. Secondly, the clitoral stimulation arm is somewhat flexible so it will better fit to various bodies. I sometimes worry that by trying to combine the best of both wolds rabbits can actually just miss fulfilling the requirements of either, with their less curved shafts and often quite small, stiff clitoral arms. So the combination on the Hedone seems to make it a much more reliable option than most.

And finally the size of this toy is really great for younger women particularly, and petite women who can actually be a little smaller in the vag department than some (although this is anecdotal, I don't know what science has to say on the matter). So many rabbits are quite long and girthy whereas this one would be so much more comfortable for those who find large sizes a bit difficult to take.

Actually, there is one more thing I should mention, the packaging is quite sturdy which will keep the vibe safe and the inner packaging makes a great long term storage option which looks quite classy. Unlike the outer packaging the inner box is plain black on the outside with just an orange inner lining which I think looks really much more inconspicuous and classic than the outer packaging.

All round a terrific product whether for your own personal use or for a gift!

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