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Hedone is a fully waterproof rechargeable vibrator for women.  With Odeco's great eye for style and innovation you will love the soft silky smooth sillicone 100% body safe material.  For the price of a good bottle of wine you can have years of sexual enjoyment which makes this a bargain any which way you look at it.

Even if you use it once a week for a year it will equate to less than $1 an orgasm and how can you not say that is the bargain of the century.  Don't delay and get your little bit of sexual freeing Hedone now.

This is a truly innovative and versatile toy that suits any type of stimulation you may be desiring at any particular moment, from G-spot  to clitoral. This toy has it all! It has the exact shape you need to reach your destination of pleasure.  Waterproof and rechargeable it is a winner, suitable for any user...


Be amazed at what great quality Odeco sex toys are.

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Odeco Hedone Silicone Date Added: Tuesday 22 December, 2015

by Chloe, Oh Zone Kogarah

WE all know and love the Lelo Ina 2. Aesthetically, it's a pretty good looking toy. But without this sounding to honest or blunt (I don't even know if I'm allowed to say this) the gap between the clitoral stimulator and the shaft is almost non existent and not suited to the majority of female bodies (from what I've read online and heard from customer feedback) and can be quite uncomfortable. The Ina 2 has been referred too as "a clamp on my vagina" by a regular customer.‚Äč

Now obviously in this industry we know that no two vaginas are the same and that there ARE going to be people out there who this toy will work for... so if you're are a LELO fanatic and you need this toy in your collection, make sure you know your body well enough to judge whether this toy will work for your anatomy and come and check it out in person just to be sure. LELO is an incredible brand and have and still do make incredible toys. Their toys boast important features such as 100% waterproof abilities , 100% medical grade silicone, their products have warranties, easy to use control handle etc. They're great. I just question a toy that doesn't work for so many people.
From the Mexican stand off pictured above, you can see that yet again Odecco has made a toy that replicates the design of that of a LELO product... except (dare I say it) I think it's better.

The Hedone is made entirely of silicone (as opposed to the Ina 2 which has a plastic handle) and feels/looks like a luxury item. The control pad consists of three small buttons which are extremely easy to use - press and hold the middle button to turn the toy on/off, use the plus and minus buttons too increase/decease power. Easy peasy.

The Hedone is heavily curved for targeted G-Spot stimulation and also has several ridges on the shaft to stimulate the vaginal opening. I also love the handle, it makes for easy and comfortable use . This toy was definitely designed with the best interests of the user at heart. The Hedone is 100% waterproof and is rechargeable. It is also EXTREMELY quiet. Like, to the point that I would say you near enough can't hear it. The clitoral stimulator is much looser (for want of a better term) and doesn't "clamp" onto your vagina. It is also extremely flexible and can even be entirely pulled back if you would like no clitoral stimulation.

I've also found with the Ina 2 that the clitoral stimulator is much stronger than the power in the shaft. The Hedone spreads it's power equally throughout both motors.

And if that wasn't enough to possibly sway you away from the Ina 2 and throw you towards the Hedone... let me talk to you about the price difference.

The Ina 2 retails at $169.99 whilst the Hedone is $94.99!!!! An incredible price difference for such a quality toy.
I'm absolutely in love with the Hedone and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a rabbit styled vibrator.

Simply Amazing!!

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